US Presidential Debates and 4 Points That Affect Your Business

US Presidential Debate and Your Home Business

Election Button


If you were one of the (over) 90 Million people who watched the US Presidential Debate last night. If you were not around for it, I get it and you may have spared yourself some frustration. To be honest, I’ve only started watching these debates 5 Presidents ago. It seems like they do more to divide parties, that sway a vote. We have become so polarized in our Country, that the word Continue reading

Create Your Network Marketing Plan in 3 Steps

Create Your Network Marketing Plan


As most of us were growing up, we went to school. If you were like me, getting up in the morning is what you dreaded the most. Get ready to get to school on time then, be sure to make it each class on time after that. When you got home, there was home then chores, dinner (maybe some play time) then to bed. Monday – Friday. When we get older, it’s not much different with our job. How can we escape this to hit our Continue reading

Presenting Your Home Business Out Of Town

Presenting Your Home Business Out Of Town


When it comes to presenting your home business, resistance comes from all angles. We tend to categorize our lists to who we think will and won’t take our new “Concept” serious. When we think someone will be home from work and what they ate for dinner…haha. A common question comes from presenting to someone you know that Continue reading

Two Simple Tips To Improve Your Business Growth

Simple Tips To Increase Business Growth


Whether you’re new to owning your own business or you’re a veteran, there are certain things you here as you are presenting your product, service or opportunity. One to the most typical objections is not wanting to sound salesy or have to push products on people. I totally get that and if you want constant business growth, you’ll Continue reading

Create More Time For You Home Business – 5 Tips

How To Create More Time For Your Home Business
Time for a home business


There are many people that would like more in their lives, however money seems to hold many back. To increase cash flow, there are a couple things that pop up in mind. Get a second job, lower monthly expenses, sell stuff from around the house or look into a home business. What I typically Continue reading

Get Over Fear of Facebook Live

No More Fear of Doing Facebook Live Video
Facebook live video


Doesn’t it seem that everyone is doing Facebook Live? Isn’t that the way it goes? It’s the “Blue Car” syndrome. You start looking at or researching new cars and the next thing you know, they’re everywhere you look. In reality, it’s just a handful of people doing these videos, you’re just seeing them more because you have become aware. I bring this up for one reason, Most Will Use this as an excuse to Continue reading

Best Social Media Platform For Business

What’s The Best Social Media Platform For Business
Best Social Media Platform For Business



 We can agree, there’s a lot of training going around these day. It seems like there’s something new coming out every single week. For the new person coming into business, it can seem overwhelming. If you’re like most marketers, you find your groove in a platform and start moving forward with your new strategy. Before you have a chance to reap the rewards of Continue reading

How To Stay Motivated Even When It Sucks – 3 Steps

How To Stay Motivated On Sucky Days


At the time of me writing this, it’s Monday afternoon… Crash time. It happened to me today. In fact, I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Danielle was going to work after the weekend and the boys were going to school. Though it rocks to stay home and create my own schedule, staying motivated after Continue reading

Why Using Facebook Live Is Awesome

Why Using Facebook Live Is Awesome
Using Facebook Live


By now, you’ve seen these live videos all over Facebook. Some that may be a live preview of their new home, college dorm, a new addition to their family…All sorts of col moments in people lives. It’s cool, because you get to live the experience with your friends and family. On the flip side, using Facebook Live is awesome to grow your business. Where the resistance comes in… Being Live in front of your peers.
Today Continue reading

Labor Day and Your Home Business

Labor Day and Your Home Business
Labor Day and Your Home Business


For most people, Labor Day signifies at day off from. A cool three day weekend, followed by a 4 day work week or 4 days of school. I remember working from holiday to holiday and didn’t really care why I had a day off, it was a just a day off. After doing some research, Labor has everything to do with your Continue reading