Network Marketing Success-Martial Arts and Hope

Network Marketing Success and Struggle


After going through some old stuff, the other day, I was reflecting on the battles that have been presented in my life. Not, the crazy ones. The physical battles. Being overweight for so long in my earlier life, I was limited in the activities I could do. Most of my buddies were Continue reading

Creating A Successful Business From The Finish Line

Creating A Successful Business

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When working with a franchise or a preset business model, you basically know what profits and losses you’ll receive in the first 12-18 months. The model has been created and tested over many years. Some issues around that model, is raising the capital to purchase and understanding that you’ll most likely be running in a deficit for the first 12-18 months. Unfortunately, Continue reading

Embarrassed By Your Video Content Creation Skills? Here’s What To Do

Embarrassed By Your Video Content Creation Skills?
Video Content Creation


When was the last time you shot a video with one take? I remember a time when it would take me hours to create a 3-4 minute video. I would get distracted by the air coming on, forget what I was talking about and / or realize that I had been rambling for about 90 seconds. So, what did I do? The same thing that Continue reading

Three Ways To Make Money Fast

Make Money Fast – Three Ways
Make Money Fast


I’ve had the privilege to speak with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. The most common similarity is that they want something more out of life. Being that our society is brought up with trading time for money or getting paid by the hour, it’s difficult to Continue reading

Best Way To Approach Warm Market With New Home Business

Same Warm Market – New Home Business

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Approaching those that you respect and care about with a home business can be stressful. Let’s face, they can be a bit rough sometimes. There’s a chance, it could be our fault with how we presented it to them. Heck, it’s difficult to control excitement when you feel like you have something extra-ordinary. Fast forward a bit and now Continue reading

Traditional Network Marketing vs Online Marketing

Traditional Network Marketing vs Online Marketing
Traditional Network Marketing vs Online Marketing


Marketing your business can be done a multitude of different ways. Most new business owners are typically taught one of two ways, on or offline.  The question is, what’s going to work best for you? There are those that say, the only Continue reading