Why and How Does The Law of Attraction Work

Does The Law of Attraction Work


“How can you possibly think things into existence?” That was what I was told by some close friends of mine. How can you blame anyone that says this? Unless you understand how this law works, it seems nuts. I remember when this concept was first introduced to me, I was interested but Continue reading

How To Get Past Fear Of Failure and Rejection

Remove Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection


Regardless of your thoughts on fear and whether it exists for you, it’s very real for a lot of people. It stops most from making sound decisions about their future greatness. The perception of what fear and rejection represent, is typically letting people down and looking bad. To remove the fear of failure, we must Continue reading

What To Look For in a Marketing Coach

What To Look For in a Marketing Coach or Any Coach


It would be easy to find a coach these days. They’re everywhere, no matter what you’re looking for and no matter the niche. The real question is how to discern the real dedicated coaches from those that have just made a decision to be a coach? Below I have outlined a few attributes to look for in a Continue reading

How To Become A Better Marketing Leader – 3 Questions

3 Questions To Become A Better Marketing Leader


You have your own business, now what? Most companies will have a system in place for you to take part in. Is it a one size fits all type of system, of course not. It is, however, enough to get the ball rolling for you. The question that’s typically not answered… are you looking to Continue reading