Why You Don’t Close More Sales

How To Close More Sales


If you are showing people your idea, concept, product or opportunity over and over and not receiving the results you want, there may be something missing. For most of us, we’re given a product and told to go out and share with other. The “How To” share is typically over looked in the process. Enter discouragement and Continue reading

Monday Mindset – Deciphering The Voices

Understand The Inner Voices
decipher inner voices


As we navigate our way through the day, there are between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts that run through our head. Attempting to pay attention to them or decipher them will literally drive you mad. However, that doesn’t give us the excuse to just let those thoughts run rampant on our day. There’s good stuff in there among the craziness.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been in conflict about the direction I’ve been on over the last couple years.

Some background about my journey. I’ve been on a Christian walk for about 6 years now. This is not about a Faith, hang in there. I’ve had my ups and downs, challenges and resistance. I’ve been on a home business journey for the last 10 years and again, ups, downs challenges and resistance.

Through all this, I’ve had an aching to serve people. To help people in any way possible. There are two issues with this.Image result for Inner Voices
One, there are people that don’t want help. They say that they want it but, aren’t ready to receive. We want the easy answer to things and for most issues, the road isn’t going to be straight and rosy. Otherwise, everyone would be whatever they want… I get that, just know that anything is possible.
The second issue that was coming from inside is the platform to follow to bring about the message of Hope and Possibility. I’ve been pulled in two very strong directions here, spreading God’s Word and Giving Hope through the network marketing industry. For a Christian, you would think the answer would be simple and that’s where the most powerful conflict comes. I’m not sure where the pull is coming.
The voices are calling for Impact and Inspiration and I Know Without a Doubt that I Have Been Given The Power To Impact the World. There are many Ministers, Pastors and Reverends that truly inspire and are impacting and that’s awesome. In the home business industry, there are only a small handful that have made it to the point of Impact. The questions that focus the voices come from asking out loud. My question has been
“How Can I Make The Biggest Impact, Inline With My Mission, While I’m Here On Earth?”

The Inner Voices Get Stronger
In your life, there are voices that are pulling you in different directions. Some are screaming at you right now, as you read this. Deciphering the inner voices can and will make you insane. The journey over the last 2 months has been tough to say the least. It had me questioning my entire existence here on Earth.

In the Audio below, you’ll hear more on my journey, how it can affect you and The Way You Can Start To Decipher YOUR Inner Voice.

The choice is now yours. What questions are you going to ask? Who are you going to listen to? Are you are ready for Impact?

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