Your Next Leader Could Be One Phone Call Away

Finding your next leader and how to interview them.

Everyone is looking for one but, how do you find “That One”

Well, you know you have to prospect,

you know have to get on the phone with people,

and you know you have to talk to people.


So how in the heck do you find that leader? How do you know that you are talking to someone that could be the next big thing?

When you apply for a job, what’s do you do?

You fill out an application and go for an interview, RIGHT? Why aren’t YOU conducting an interview when talking to your prospects? Don’t you want leaders on your team?

Here are 4 basic questions right out of Tracy Walker’s book.

1. How much money do you want to make?

The answer you want to hear is $10,000 per month. If they come in wiht a low ball number, tell them you are sorry but you are looking for someone with bigger goals.

2. How man hours a week are you willing to work, in order to make that $10,000 per month?

The answer you want to hear is at least 10 hours a week…That is a pretty decent amount for a part time effort.

3. How many months are you willing to work in order to make that $10,0000 per month a reality?

The answer you want to hear is, as long as it takes. This is commitment, you need commitment, they need to show you commitment.

4. Final question: If I can show you how to do that then are you ready to get started now? You know where it will go from there.


You see you are looking for long term commitment. You want a goal setter 

You are looking for goals that are greater and bigger than only $500-$1000 per month. Making $10,000 is an obtainable goal but takes commitment. It’s easy to walk away from a measly $500 a month goal but if they set their goals at $10k-$20k, it is a much bigger deal to commit to but also a much bigger reward for work. Walking away from little goals are easy.

If this helped you, feel free to leave a comment.

“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda


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