You Talk Too Much

Talking to leads and you TALK TOO MUCH.

Ever said that to yourself when you get off the phone with a prospect? LOL, I think we all have. Here check it out. You get a lead, you call them. They ask you what you opportunity is all about. HERE IS THE CRUCIAL part of the conversation. You have a choice with you lead, you can either vomit all over them with a ton of mis-information, how great they are going to be, what an amazing product you have, how much money they are going to make with the most awesome compensation plan in the industry or you can actually do something that most don’t.


You see, your lead has inquired because they need something. They need more money, more time, freedom, they want to leave there job, etc…

How are you going to know this if you are word vomiting all over your lead?

You want to find out, in a quick few minutes why they are inquiring about your opportunity. RELAX and ask them, it’s okay. “So, what interested you in “My business”. Pretty simple. Next you can ask them what they do for a living. REMEMBER, you are asking and listening to your lead. Take a couple of notes if you can’t remember what their answers were. Then direct them to a presentation. “Okay, cool. I’ll tell you what, I am going to send you some quick information via email, how soon can you look at it?”

Crazy right? People seem to make it hard by having a 15-20 minute conversation or even more with each lead. IT IS NOT NECESSARY and will most like kill any chance of turning your lead to a business partner and friend.  The whole process you just read should take 2-3 minutes tops.

The call back.

“How did you feel about what your saw/read?” again listen to what they say. No matter what the answer to you, your response is “What did you like best?”  If they were negative, they have to respond with something they like or you know where you stand and thank them, hang up (Nicely). A negative lead is tiring, you didn’t want them on your team anyway. If they are positive, you know that you can ask some of the following questions.

This is where you come back to the information you had earlier. “Do you feel as if this could help you create a better income?” “Do you feel as if this opportunity could help you have more time with your family, leave your job, etc…” You see, I like the word FEEL instead of THINK. People feel things, they have emotions about stuff. Cool cars, nice house, family, their kids, etc… make them feel good. People typically don’t know what they think LOL.

Remember this, you are a problem solver. The only way you can solve someone’s problem is to LISTEN to what they say and present them with the solution they are looking for.


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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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