Word of Mouth Marketing With Long Lost Friends

Word of Mouth Marketing With Long Lost Friends…
Without Making It Weird


You have your home business and you want to share it with the people in your life. You know the gift you have and how it’s blessed you in your life. All you want to do is share what’s going on in your life, with others. The question that’s on most marketer’s mind…“How can I reach out to the people in my life who I haven’t spoke to in ages?”

Word of mouth marketing isn’t the easiest. Lots of people looking for an easy button. I don’t think there is one. I will say, there are strategies the alleviate some of the stressors between friends. In my opinion, one aspect of marketing that seems to hold most back is the opinions from others. Or that they would get offended that you made the call with to “Sell” them something. Making the “Word of Mouth” the hard part.
Understand, if you are looking at your friends as Dollar Signs, you get what you deserve. However, reaching out with a servant mentality is all can control. You can’t control their reactions.

There is a line you can use to pre-qualify who you are talking to and discreetly. In the Video Below, share with you this one line to Sharing Your Home Business With Your Friends

Ugh, like that face on the video thumbnail LOL 
As you can see, by asking this simple thing, you can get to the point or hook up with them later. It’s no big deal either way. 

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6 thoughts on “Word of Mouth Marketing With Long Lost Friends

  1. Joan Corpuz Dizon

    I have to admit… i cringe at the thought of talking to my friend and family about my business, and I understand now that its just fear. but i love the words of "idea" and "concept" I really appreciate how simple you made this! thank you

  2. Jelena Ostrovska

    Most people are afraid to talk to their warm market, because they're too attached to the outcome. I love the word "idea", this definitely lowers the resistent, and gets easier when talking to friends anf family. Thanks Steve!

  3. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Funny thing today I was just reaching out to some of the people I talked to last year…It is that attachment to the outcome that gets us derailed and we vomit over others. I like Idea part, Concept…awesome. You are the real deal bro!

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