Why You Should Host A Home Business Home Party | Fun Tips To Get Your Guests There

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Why You Should Host A Home Business Home Party | Fun Tips To Get Your Guests There

When I first started in the Home Based Business arena, I was like “There is no way I am having a bunch of strangers at my house”  No way, that was happening. Besides, who was I going to invite, what was I going to say, how was I going to get all of this together…ahhhhhhhh!

I was really freaking out. I could feel the anxiety as I even thought about planning something like this. It’s funny too because, I have had parties and gatherings at my house all the time. I think the biggest one I had was over 100 people. I invited everyone I knew and even people I didn’t know.

So, what’s the big deal about a home business party? Seriously, what’s the difference? You are the one in charge of the party, you can do whatever you want. Let me be the first to tell you, home business home parties are awesome. Let me preface the rest of this post with this. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO ALL OUT LIKE THIS.

My wife and I are having our first home business party tomorrow night, in our new house. Since this is our first party at the new place, we are going the extra to make it fun…FOR US. Typically, with a home party, you would have bottled water, some crackers/cheese and maybe some fruit with dip. No reason to go crazy because others will think they have to do the same. We will have all sorts of snacks, drinks, prizes, etc… This is about our business but also about us having a good time. We like to have fun and this reflects the way us Krivdas like to get down. I will tell my guests that they should not do this unless they absolutely want to.

Oh yea, why you should have these home business home parties. It’s simple really, you are putting a personal touch on your presentation. You have face to many faces all at one time and that’s cool. You’re not relying on someone to “Go to your link” and watch the presentation. You can read the crowd and adjust as you go and you can tell what sort of excitement there is. More over you can focus on the people that look interested or use different speaking tones with the people that start to wander. Also, you know for a fact that your guests/friends are watching the presentation…because you can see them LOL.

Tips on how to get your guests to come to you home business home party.

This is actually easier than you think. I recently attended a mastermind and this was one of the topics. There are people that, no matter how many times you invite them, they say no. That’s okay. Here’s what you do. “Hey name, I need a favor. I know this isn’t for you but, I am having another business meeting in a couple of days and I need some seat fillers. Can you do me a favor, be a friend and show up, sit in a chair for 20 minutes or so and support me”   Let me tell you from firsthand experience, this works. In fact, there are people that are coming tomorrow night that I used that on. I know if they see my business model, there is a good chance they will want in.

Few more short tips:

Have your guests pick stuff up on the way: Ice, Chips, easy and cheap stuff.

Have your guests car pool or go and get them yourself.

Keep the presentation portion short. We tend to over explain and become long winded. All it will do if bore people.

Have your products and pamphlets out for people to see.

Have a sign-in sheet and tell people why they are signing in. It creates a tax write off party.

Make it a party and let them know you are going to talk about tax deductions for about 20 minutes or so you can write party off. (similar to above)

Get with your upline to see what is working best for your company.

INVITE EVERYONE!!! You never know who will come unless you ask them.

Have fun for crying out loud. People join people. If you are having fun AND making money. You have a double awesome positive. People want to belong to stuff, provide them with something that is awesome.


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10 thoughts on “Why You Should Host A Home Business Home Party | Fun Tips To Get Your Guests There

  1. John Williams

    Some great tips here Steve, I know at the beginning I tended to get all crazy on this subject, you’re right “Just have Fun”.

    1. admin Post author

      Me too man, best not to stress. IT’S A PARTY LOL

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  3. Jeremy Howie

    Dude, that’s a great post with some awesome tips for a successful PBR!

    I love the tip to have guests pick up snacks…creates personal responsibility and a better chance of them not going into the WPP (for your readers the Witness Protection Program).

    Thanks for the value!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for coming by Jeremy…cool man

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  5. David Hutcherson

    The tip about getting your friends who don’t show up to be seat fillers is fantastic. I will be using that one. Have a great party!

    1. admin Post author

      cool man, it works. used it last week 🙂

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