Why You Don’t Close More Sales

How To Close More Sales


If you are showing people your idea, concept, product or opportunity over and over and not receiving the results you want, there may be something missing. For most of us, we’re given a product and told to go out and share with other. The “How To” share is typically over looked in the process. Enter discouragement and then the inevitable “Quit”. What to do to close more sales?

The question that continues to come up is, what is a sale? Are we closing a person or closing the deal. A deal is not made until both parties come away with a win win. 

In my opinion, it’s necessary to understand that it’s not a people thing. If you want to close more sales, understand the human aspect of closing. For a lot of people, closing is a bad word…and that’s from uneducated people. Uneducated both in the commission based industry and the patron that has been “Sold”

In the above examples, it’s understood that closing is convincing someone that they need what you’re looking to sell them. That is a short lived commission, leaving one of the two parties, most likely, dissatisfied. 

In the Video Below, I’m going to show you how to close more sales, regardless of product or service.
We’re going to discuss Intentions, Service, The App and The Ask.

I have an audio, that you are going to love! I’m going to give you some of the Best Closing Scripts, pulled from some of the best Coaches I’ve been able to serve with…
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