Why People Fail in Network Marketing

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Why People Fail in Network Marketing

That’s a pretty rough question to ask but I must admit a very valid one. It’s something that is a very common objection that we as network marketers get when talking to people…along with “Those thing never work” and “Only the people at the top make any real money” and so on. Understand this, most people who make those statements, have never been in any sort of network marketing company, it’s just something that they have heard. That’s fine LOL. That type of personality wouldn’t make it anyway.

Before I get into my response, check this out. If you were to take on the challenge of a 5k and you have never run before, would you just jump into the race? Of course not. You would train for it. You would go down to the local high school track and get some timed laps in. For example, you want to run a consistent 9 minute mile. You would want a time of around 2:20 (I know it’s a little over). You run your first lap and you hit 2:27. Does that mean you failed, absolutely not. It just means you haven’t hit your goal yet. You train a little and try again until you obtain that goal, correct? Success!!!

Why People Fail in Network Marketing

I don’t believe they do. I believe that you are either succeed or quit, there is no pass or fail in this. If you stick with Network Marketing long enough, you will have some sort of success, as long as you work it. You look at all the professions that people attempt to create a career with. Real Estate, Boxing, Football, Baseball, etc… Not everyone makes it to the big leagues. Does that mean that they failed? Absolutely not! Maybe it wasn’t for them and/or life happened. It just means that they stopped doing something. Calling someone a failure because they were unable to reach their goal, is pretty rough.

So, Why People Fail in Network Marketing – I don’t they failed, it just wasn’t for them. Help me turn that 97% of Network Marketers who quit before they “Make It” – Succeed.


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  4. Paul Savola

    that is true, a lot people do quit without giving it a big chance. Thank you for sharing…

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