Why Network Marketing – Is It Worth It?

whyWordWhy Network Marketing? LOL

HaHa, I used to ask myself that question too. There are a variety of answers you can give from money, freedom, time, house, cars, recognition. You’ll get a different answer with each person that you ask.

So, why am I even writing this? This is for my friends. family and maybe some people that I haven’t met yet, that simple haven’t asked the question – for one reason or another.

Why Network Marketing? I could type and type – isn’t it cool that I created a video that you can watch instead LOL

Now you have a better understanding as to why I do Network Marketing. Yea, the money’s cool, people telling you that you are cool…I dig that too. But it’s not why I do this. Making a positive impact in someone’s life. YEA MAN! That’s what it’s all about.

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I almost forgot, the link I mentioned in the video www.YourFavoriteDestination.com


“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda


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10 thoughts on “Why Network Marketing – Is It Worth It?

    1. admin Post author

      Yea man. pretty simple stuff

    1. admin Post author

      Right on Angel, I appreciate you

  1. William Cosentino

    Sweet vid Steve. The last point about the personal growth experience and ability to help other's is certainly one of my favs. Oh, and we get to meet cool people like you 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      You’re awesome William. thanks bro

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks bro. appreciate you. I know YOU get it

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