Why Network Marketing | Network Marketing Review

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Why Network Marketing | Network Marketing Review

Have you ever thought why so many people are either in or getting into Network Marketing?  I get the question of Why Network Marketing from mostly the people that are close to me. So, I decided to do my own network marketing review for those that would like to know.

Why Network Marketing

For one it’s awesome LOL. All joking aside, you are surrounded with like minded people. It’s refreshing to be around people that are positive in such a ho-hum world that we seem to live in.

Anyone can do this. There is no discrimination in network marketing. Doesn’t matter your race, creed, sex, marital status, employment status, education or hair color LOL. Heck you can be an ex-con and make hundreds of thousands, even millions with a network marketing company.

They are pretty inexpensive. You can be an owner of your own network marketing business, in most for under $500. That’s incredible to be classified as a business owner for about the same cost as a cheap 46” flat screen TV.

Overhead is ridiculously low. I have worked for companies that scrape by each month with a $84,333 per month over head bill. That’s just insane. For most network marketing companies, your over head is anywhere between $50 and $150. If you are fortunate, your overhead could be an Asset.

Tax deduction. The tax savings per month is in the hundreds and in the thousands per year. It’s pretty insane that Congress passed a bill a few years back that is actually FOR home business owners. Pretty sweet.

Income. You have the chance to really change your life. If you work hard at this, you will succeed. It’s just going to happen. As long as you don’t quit, you have no choice to succeed.

Success comes from many places. Above I mentioned that as long as you stick it out, you will have success. Well, lets get you supercharged and shorten that distance to success.

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