Why MLM Success Rate Is Low – 3 Causes and Solutions

Why MLM Success Rate Is Low – 3 Causes and Solutions
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When it comes to doing something outside the normal, there are going to be those that say “It doesn’t work” Personally, I believe that the word Dreams, as it pertains to big goals, was created by someone that doesn’t fully believe they can happen. Who can blame them, when we want something extraordinary in our lives, it takes going big and doing big things.

When you decide to go big, you are going to encounter skeptics and those that will feed you limiting beliefs…their limiting beliefs. To stay on task, we are talking about the network marketing reputation. Understand, the skeptics can pertain to just about anything you’re doing in life.

As you start sharing your business, product or opportunity, you’ll get all sorts of objections and questions to throw you off your game. Check out one of the common ones. “Why is the MLM success rate so low”? For most, it will stop you in your tracks.

In the Video Below, I discuss, in my opinion, the 3 main causes of the low MLM success rate. Don’t worry, I also offer solutions.

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Be equipped with the above solutions. Don’t feed into the skeptics and stand tall. If you follow the simple solutions above, you’ll stand above the crowd and WIN!

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10 thoughts on “Why MLM Success Rate Is Low – 3 Causes and Solutions

  1. Roger Cox

    Steve, I really liked the “small steps outside of your comfort zone” part! Good video!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks Roger, appreciate it

  2. Kay Somji

    It’s been said before, but success lies outside your comfort zone. You portrayed that excellently!

  3. Rubi Torres

    Thanks Steve! So true!! Stepping outside that comfort zone is hard, very hard, but so is not succeeding.

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