Why Blog Syndication Groups

Blog Syndication Groups – The Advantage?
blog syndication group

Blogging is a great way to bring your business to a whole new level. You have a personal site, with your content, your face that screams authority. All you need to do, is put up relevant content and send traffic aka your target market, to your site. That’s where some bloggers run into a wall.

Blog Syndication Groups Defined:
Definition: noun <sindikit> a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

Typically done on Facebook, syndication groups are designed for you to share your content and have others comment and share your work. In turn, you do the same. Pretty simple. To be honest, I had avoided these groups and this strategy because I didn’t see an advantage…until recently.

The first advantage to a blog syndication groups, is a no brainer. People comment on your content. As silly as this might sound, popularity creates significance, even in the blogging world. Until you create an audience, this method will populate your content with comments.
In most blogs that you’ll comment back on, there will be the option to place your article link with your comment, creating a backlink. Pretty cool.

In the Video Below, I discuss the Two More advantages to this strategy. They’re pretty awesome.

If you can see the value in syndication groups, let me know by commenting below. Especially if you have another advantage to this strategy. 

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10 thoughts on “Why Blog Syndication Groups

  1. Rory Singh

    Blog Syndication is a great way to build ‘credibility’ online and also a way to make more friends and connections! Thank you Steve!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Right on Samantha

  2. Colin McArthur

    Ive been using these groups for almost a week now and have already been able to measure the positive impact that they have had on my blog. The community created allows all of us, new or well established, to support and encourage each other to perform better. Many hands make light work!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      That’s awesome Colin!

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