Why and How Does The Law of Attraction Work

Does The Law of Attraction Work


“How can you possibly think things into existence?” That was what I was told by some close friends of mine. How can you blame anyone that says this? Unless you understand how this law works, it seems nuts. I remember when this concept was first introduced to me, I was interested but skeptical. How does the Law of Attraction work and how can it work for me?

There are steps to take in order for this law to be a part of your lifestyle. Once you “Get It”, you’ll never forget it.

Does the Law of Attraction Work: What Do You Want?

I have asked that question to many people and most really don’t know how to answer.
Something to keep in mind, you can’t go big enough. When we were kids, our imaginations could run wild. We could see ourselves on the moon, riding a fire truck fighting fires, being the President of the United States…Anything. We just needed to imagine it, and it came true, in our mind. I ask you again, what do you want?

Who is your ideal spouse? what do they look like? What are their traits and personality?

What sort of car do you want to drive? Is it convertible? Does it have leather interior? Who are you going to show and what are they going to say?

Where do you want to live? What does your house look like? The front door, the tile, the grass in the front lawn, the flower bed? What are your friends going to say when they walk into your house?

Freedom? Freedom to no longer make decisions on time and money…Rather decide just because you want to.

Impact! Who are you going to impact? What are you children going to say about you when you’re not around?

Write down Everything you want on a paper. Connect to it with all your mind and heart and move to the next step. Seeing it.

Does the Law of Attraction Work: Visualization

In the step before, we created your ideal life and who you want to impact. Now is the time to go to when you were younger, when possibilities were endless. Before some person told you to keep your head out of the clouds.
I want you to take what you wrote and read it to yourself, while the you’re alone. In a peaceful setting, take 10 minutes and read your notes while visualizing them as a reality. Feel the breeze of freedom, hear those that you’ve impacted thanking you. Feel the success oozing from every pore.
Feel Happiness!

Your emotions behind “What you really want” will drive you to take the necessary actions to create your new reality.

When you see what you want in your life, the Law of Attraction will open you up to see the opportunities that will bring you Everything you’ve ever wanted.

Does Attraction Marketing Work

Does the Law of Attraction Work: Knowing It’s Coming

Something you may of may not know…You can NOT create something like above without part of you knowing that it is Real. Close your eyes again and see your future. That’s your destination. Since you know your destination, your next step is to walk towards it.

Some will say “How?”

You know the answer. Ask yourself – with power – How Can I Create My Future? Ask it again…If the answer doesn’t come, calm your mind and ask again. Your mind is a powerful thing. The answer will come to you.
The bigger the Vision of your future is, the more it will take to create the How. I promise you this, if you keep asking, the answer will come. This is said with the caveat of the steps. The step might not be easy, it may be hard BUT what pay off are you looking for? If you have little dreams, it will be easy. I know you better. You’re a dreamer.

Dream it, See it and Achieve it…I believe in you

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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10 thoughts on “Why and How Does The Law of Attraction Work

  1. Mike Hobbs

    Some of the most powerful words in the English language: “How can I?” Great post, Steve!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks Mike, appreciate you

  2. Kenny Santos

    Wonderful post Steve! “How can I” and “Know That It’s Coming” Those were my biggest takeaways. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sylvia Kalungi

    Wow Great minds think alike. Today I was responding to a former team member’s Statement saying they cant recruit and they cant make their platform work. I asked them what do they visualize achieving, and they said, They cant see anything happening…So I informed him, “Then that’s what you are getting.”
    The Law of Attraction Works every time…we just dont recognize the answers we get as our thoughts and Questions – ASK and it is given!

  4. Martin Andre

    Hi Steve, thank you for sharing your take on the Law of Attraction. I am feeling more positive/inspired about the Law of Attraction practice. Best of luck with all you are doing and intending to do!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Yes sir. glad you liked it

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