Why Affirmations Don’t Work

Why Affirmations Don’t Work or Do They?
Affirmations Don't Work



We all feed our mind, whether we like it or not. You can typically tell what the verbal food is by listening what we say to ourselves throughout the day. Whether it’s Empowerment or Self doubt, it comes from what we hear on a regular basis.

I get it, sometimes we get the negativity from the ones we see on a regular basis. It could be from work, school and even from the homestead. It’s tough. What can you do to empower yourself on a daily basis? Some would say, affirmations are a great way bring yourself to a good place. Why do people that have done them say affirmations don’t work?

In the Video Below, we discuss why affirmations don’t work and provide a solution all in the same 2 minutes and 43 seconds.

Questions that follow this video. 
*Do you believe what you’re saying?
*What actions have you taken towards your goals since saying your

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