What Is Self Sabotage – Are You A Victim

What Is Self Sabotage


If you’re like ‘anyone’ you’ve gotten excited about something cool and created a vision for your future. You create a plan of action that is going to take you to your destination. You take ‘some’ action and then you stop. It’s frustrating and can be devastating, depending on your desired outcome. If there are no legitimate outside forces affecting your stoppage, it’s most likely Self Sabotage.

What is Self Sabotage?

According to Psychology Today: Behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals. The most common self-sabotaging behavior is  procrastination.

Sometimes it can rear it’s ugly head from our past.

I’ve worked with several people that have had great success in life and lost it, more than once. This scenario can bring a fear of loss, something we might not be aware of. We can get in a place where it seems like it’s not worth it, why try, it’s just going to go away anyway. These are real emotions, however stories that we have associated with a past experience.
Am I a psychologist? No.
I’m saying that we need to be aware of where we are and how we think. Though those emotions are real, the experience or circumstance has nothing to do with what we’re doing now.

You’re a different person than you were in the past. You’re experience from those past experiences. As long as we learn and grow from those past experiences, we become aware.

Here’s an exercise that may help. As you stop your action, simply ask yourself – out loud…

“Why have I stopped my actions?”

If the answer does not come straight away, keep asking. Your mind knows the answer. If there is a fear of loss or comparisons to the past, then you know that it’s not a rationale thought.
You see, a fear of loss is a prediction of the future. With this sort of thought, that outcome is inevitable. It causes “In-action”  If you’re going to predict the future, predict you Winning.

What is Self Sabotage: Unworthiness

It crushes me to see someone stop moving from dis-belief in themselves or from unworthiness. For some of us, we weren’t the nicest people and feel like we don’t deserve anything because of how we were. If you believe that people can change, then you can too. If you have gone through this, asked for forgiveness, then there isn’t much more you can do.

There also may be someone that has told you that you’re not good enough to receive anything good or that you’ll never amount to anything. Others opinions, though can feel real if said enough, only have merit if you give them merit. I realize this takes work…You Can Do This!

The other scenario is keeping yourself down so others don’t feel bad or get jealous. This is the opposite of what we are to do, if you’re looking to inspire others. The only way to bring others up is to be the example, succeed. Show what’s possible. Yes, there will be those that won’t see your vision, that will tell you that you’re just dreaming and so forth. What they say, their experiences and what happens, has nothing to do with you. You are your own person and lead your own life. You have your own drive, dreams and goals. You want them, then you can go out and attain them.

What is Self Sabotage: Uncertainty

Most of use want to be Certain of the outcome prior to starting any endeavor. The truth is, the future is completely uncertain. Today could be the last day we have on Earth. Isn’t it time to start living your life? To be Certain, that you are going to take action. 
Since our future can not be predicted, why not take control of the one thing you can…That’s your choice. Choose, rather Decide, Right Now that you are no longer leaving your life to chance. 
Say it with me “I know an action I can take Right Now, that will move me toward my goals. This is the action I will take. While I am in action, I will absorb the information I need to become better and better each day. This is my creed”

Self Sabotage is in everyone. It’s how we recognize it, see where it’s coming from and nip it in the butt before it gets out of control. 

Hope you received Value from today’s post. If you did, feel free to drop a quick comment down below. 

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  1. Amanda Kipfer

    Steve, this blog post brought up more than I ever thought it seemed like every paragraph had something I’m using to procrastinate…. Thanks you for you sharing this!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks Amanda. Appreciate you for keepin it real here 🙂

  2. Margaret Wilson

    My first visit here and I love your blog, let alone this article. I find your writing style unique and easy to read. Looking forward to more awesome blog posts!

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      Awesome, I appreciate you being here Margaret. And thank you for your kind words 🙂
      You Rock!

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