What Is It About Network Marketing That Attracts Millions | The Truth

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What Is It About Network Marketing That Attracts Millions | The Truth

Back in the day of an awesome economy my wife, Danielle and I were approached by a friend of ours that had “Something” that he wanted us to look at. All he needed was 30 minutes of our time. We thought about it and decided, he is our friend so why not? We go to his office and he starts talking to us about a business that is going to make us healthy and we will be able to create an additional income too. AWESOME! We were making great money at our day jobs but, who wants to work LOL?

This wasn’t my first go around in the Network Marketing industry. I had taken a look at others before, got in, did nothing an quit. You know, the usual. This was the first one that my wife did together. We did well with it, building, partying, building some more, making money and so on.

When the market crashed, so did our team. Was it the market? No! At the time, it was something to blame. We didn’t know what we were doing, we just recruited people, just like we were told.

Here’s where the truth will hurt some feelings. It’s cool to just to continue recruiting, that should be a focus at all times. I said “A” focus. You need to show you team how to do the same as you. The mad truth here is that you need to show your team what you are doing. How you are talking to people, who you are talking to, how you are doing your parties and so on. There it is, success is awesome but you must show others how you are doing it, in order to get out of the “Rat Race”

What about network marketing that attracts the millions?

That’s fairly simple to answer. Opportunity. The opportunity for an average person to make it in a world that is struggling to keep people employed, let alone get ahead. YOU have the same opportunity to create an income that mirrors business owners all of the world. With very low investments. For most companies you can own you own business for under $500. That’s insane! Here are three stories of people I know personally (One being me) Their names changed for obvious reasons. Those who know, know.

John was in foreclosure back in 2008-2009, losing all of the homes his real estate investment company had, due to the economy, including his own home. He went into a depression that nobody knew about and almost lost hope. He buddy introduced him to the company I am in now and he knew that this was his only way out. He had a mediocre high school education and knew that there was no way he was going to make what he made in Real Estate again. 9 months later, he had his first $10,000 month and is now averaging $50,000 per month.

My other friend John, was in a similar situation but not quite as bad. The difference was, he spent a stint in jail for a mistake that he made (that detail, I don’t know). Same thing, barely a high school education but had a will to survive. He was also introduced to my company. Long story short, he is now retired from the work force…making about $100,000 per year and has helped several others do the same.

There you have two examples of people that I know personally. Both with limited educations and one with a criminal record, that created incomes over twice the average American income…in about 1 year.

Then you have me…I won’t go into my personal income because you know who I am. Know these two points: I went shopping a couple of weeks ago for my wife and I, purchased some pretty expensive jewelry and never looked at the total. I haven’t done that in almost 5 years. When we go out for dinner now, I read the menu from left to right. We created an additional income from our tax savings alone to pay off our credit card bills. Incredible. I have a high school education, that’s it.

I know this is long but I think you need to understand some things about network marketing. You can make a lot of money, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, it does take work, if you put in the time and plug into your networks…you will be incredibly wealthy in 24-36 months.


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    Great post man…I am so thankful for Network Marketing and all the wonderful friends and associates I have met…like You!

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