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backlinkWhat Is Backlinking

I can’t tell you how many times I get the question “What is Backlinking”. In this post, I am going to go over just that, backlinking.

Backlinking is basically building a network of other posts and videos that have your link in it. We’ll call your Main Post your “Money Post” or “MP”. These other articles, videos, etc… that have your link embedded in them are “Linking Back” to your “Money Post”. Hence the term backlink. At the bottom of your smaller, less direct posts, you are going to be posting a “Backlink” with something like – For more information, Click Here. That link is going to be linking back to your “MP”. The reason you do this is just like the High School kid example that I give in the video below. The more posts “Talking” or “Backlinked” to your main “Money Post” the more popular it’s going to be. In the end, pushing it up the search engines so people can see it.

Click the video below and you will see a more in depth description of all this.










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