What Is a Plan B

Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.Do You Need A – Plan B

If you haven’t seen the question “What’s you plan B”, you will soon enough. It’s becoming more and more popular. It used to be used by entrepreneurs all the time as a conversation starter.

Since the economic break down a few years back, that saying has become more and more prevalent in our society. People are concerned about their future. How can you blame them? Nobody is safe from the unsettling chance of entering in the realm of unemployment.

What would be a Plan B for you? A Back Up Plan.

There are all sorts of directions you can take yourself:

Additional education:
You can go look for specialized education, go to a local college, community college or the newest – online colleges.
These are great option. What you’ll need in order to make these options work is Time and Money.
Depending on what degree or license you are looking for, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 years and possibly thousands of dollars.  There is no promise of a job.
I’m not saying that is a bad option but we must weigh up the good and the bad in our new economy.

Purchase Assets:
You can start purchasing assets with the intention of an increase in value to sell if something critical happens in life. TIP: This might take a bit

Home Business:
This option is a low buy-in option $200-$400 in most cases with low risk. It does take time to find something that would be a fit for you. Once a decent home business has been foundeeee, the real fun begins and that’s building your organization. That being said, it’s not easy to build something like this. If this is the route you decide go…I would suggest finding something that fits a mold you are looking for. Something that is open to the more people than not.

Well, there are three examples of a Plan B that you explore more.

My suggestion would be a home business…there are a few different reasons for this option, which I outlined above. It’s something you can do in your spare time. Some decent benefits that most don’t know about are the tax advantages that come along with having a home business. In some cases, there’s a chance to get thousands back on your taxes. And of course, the income is completely unlimited.

It’s totally up to the individual, of course. I, for my family and the next generation, refuse to sit behind a desk when I could be making an impact in someone’s life…including my own.


“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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  1. Alesha Drew

    Great post Steve, home business is definitely the intelligent choice. We really do have a better way!

  2. Rhosael Ciandre

    great way to lay it out Steve!! i agree with you on the home biz, think its the better way to go for a plan B!

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