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What is a Domain and why should you use one?

This is pretty cool and a great addition to your system. The cool thing about a domain name is that it is really inexpensive. In fact you can get a Domain Name for under $10.00 in most cases. FOR THE YEAR.

Why a domain name?

For one, you put off a professional feeling about what you are advertising or showing. Check it out: What looks better to you? Http:// or

Which one are you more apt to click on, of course you are going to click on the latter. That is a huge reason on why you should use a Domain Name.

A warning for you:

You must be careful about what you use for your domain name. You want to avoid stuff like “GetRichNow” or “FireYourBoss” or “MakeMoneyFast” or “FastCash” hahahaha, you get the drift. Those were cool a few years ago but with all the hoopla about Network Marketing, you want to be more creative.

Using “Forward Masking”

This is pretty cool too. What you are doing here is forwarding your affiliate link to your domain and “Masking” it. What this means is, when someone clicks on your domain name, that is all they are going to see. Not your affiliate link. Check it out

If your affiliate is Http:// and your domain is after they click on it, it will show the ShopSilverandGold instead of the other. For under $10 you have a personalized website. Pretty cool right. I went ahead and put together a short video to show you how easy it is to forward your affiliate link to your new domain.

Using a Domain will put you a little higher than the rest.

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    Thanks for sharing your wisdom as always!

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