What are you worth?

You read that right… “What are you worth?”

I heard a quote the other day: “A job will pay you what your JOB is worth, not what YOU are worth.”

So, what do you do?

How can you set yourself apart from the others?

You need to work something that pays you what YOU and your time is worth. This is why I love Network Marketing That’s besides the point.

Here are some tips that will help point you in the right direction.

1. Present Content. Yes, give content. Meaning, you write content to help people. Put together some sort of writing, blog, email…whatever, ideally everyday. You will be looked up to as leader and people will look forward to your writings. Pretty cool right?

2. Be Honest. I know this seems like it is a no brainer but as you know, there are people out there that will say anything to make a buck. The problem with that is, you reputation will catch up with you sooner or later. When it does go BOOM, it’s over.

3. Temper Temper. Nobody likes a hot head or a person who argues all the time. Watch it when talking to people, keep from disputing with people or snapping at them. This doesn’t only make you foolish but, you also lose credibility. Who wants to apologize for their behavior?

4. Negativity. Stay positive. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer. We all have bad days and we all need to vent. BUT doing it publicly, like on facebook is not only childish but unprofessional.

4. Bouncing. …stay true. Bouncing from one business to another may work for a while. Lets face it, who wants to be around someone who can’t keep focused on building a legacy and only see the $$ signs. We all want to make money, that’s why we do what we do but you can’t do it on your own.  Those people who follow you around will sooner or later catch on to what you really care about. As I stated above, with credibility comes value.

5. Be available. We all can’t answer our phone all the time. If you can’t answer your phone, do your darnedest to get back to them within 12-24 hours. I personally try my best to get back to the person who calls, somehow – either text, email or phone call. BUT my reason for the text or email is to let that person know when I will get back with them, not a supplement.

6. Act like a leader. Take the above and put them into action. Be consistent, be reliable, be vibrant and be energetic!

I hope this helps. I have watched leaders in our industry for some time now and these are the traits that stand out the most in my opinion.

Have an opinion? I would love to hear it, leave it at the bottom.

“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda



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