Video Content Creation While Vacation

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Growing up as a Boy Scout, I can remember being told that we should always be prepared. Though I am an adult now, that mantra hasn’t changed. First things first. By “Working” on your vacation, you are generating a possible tax deduction trip. Now, as a marketer, I am always on the lookout to find a cool place to shoot a video and/or some really good content. When we are on vacation, inspiring moments happen all the time. Here are some tips I think you will find useful on your next vacation.


Always have your camera or smart phone with you. I can’t tell you how many times I will be walking with the family and come across a scene/back drop for a quick 2 minute video. It’s also cool to take some pictures for your future blogging. Also, the destinations we go on can really get your mind going so, be prepared to break out your camera and go at it.

Journal/Pen/Smart Phone

This is pretty darn important. There are going to be places that you travel to that may not allow you to break out the camera to shoot a video. Be it the people that are around or your are in a rush going from bus to bus. Having something to jot down ideas will come in handy to keep them fresh in your mind to revisit later.


Bring some good reading material along for the ride. There is a change you will have some downtime by the pool, Jacuzzi or the beach. A good idea for reading material is some sort of inspirational material. This will do a few things for you. One, it will keep your creative juices flowing. Two, having inspirational material in front of you can take your “Vacation Mood” to a whole new level. And three, reading is awesome. What better time to catch up on a good book then on vacation.

Talk to People.

It’s fun to talk with other people on vacation while you’re out and about. It’s funny when we are out of town because we are more apt to talk to total strangers. I call those first encounters, interviews. You are talking to find out if you want to hang with them the rest of the trip. You can take this time to talk about you and your ventures and get feedback from them. Getting this sort of conversation is priceless and fun too. Most people don’t mind talking about…whatever, when on vacation. Just keep it tasteful and fun.


Remember what I said in the beginning, you can make any trip a business trip just by shooting some video and talking to people about you and what you have going on. Document what you are doing and have fun with it.

I hope these tips helped you with your video content creation, while on your next vacation. And if you are looking to

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