Why Using Facebook Live Is Awesome

Why Using Facebook Live Is Awesome
Using Facebook Live


By now, you’ve seen these live videos all over Facebook. Some that may be a live preview of their new home, college dorm, a new addition to their family…All sorts of col moments in people lives. It’s cool, because you get to live the experience with your friends and family. On the flip side, using Facebook Live is awesome to grow your business. Where the resistance comes in… Being Live in front of your peers.
Today we’ll discuss why you’ll start using Facebook Live after you’re finished reading this post.

Why Facebook Live

Grow and Engage Your Fan Base. You’re able to engage in real time with your viewers. Recognition is awesome, when you see people, say Hi. It’s cool to hear your name on a live video. It causes repeat viewers. Whether it’s a personal live or a business live, interaction is straight up cool.

Keep Your Video For Later. Though you can with standard video on your phone or computer, there’s nothing cooler than a live video. Versus Periscope, that you would need a third party recorder (If that’s still the case)

Repurpose Your Content. Let’s face it, most people spend take after take on their videos prior to uploading. It rocks to create content once and use it more than once. With Facebook Live in the mix, there’s typically a little more prep time, hence a more “Valuable” video. The videos that you’re happy with, you can embed them into your blog and send out to your fan list. Giving your list an opportunity to, also visit your Facebook page.

Facebook Live Tips For Engagement

Announce It. Announce your Facebook live before it happens. If you have the ability to do a Live at a scheduled time each day or week, that’s the best. Your audience will know what to expect from you and will show up on default. Send out reminders 30 prior with a preview of what you’re looking to talk about.

Subscribe. Ask your viewers to subscribe. It’s a simple request. Give specific instructions on what to do. This will give them a notification the next time you go live.

Share. Simple Tip Here…Simply ask your audience to share and invite people to your live.

You don’t get anything unless you ask.

Facebook Live Broadcast Time.

The longer you broadcast, the more likely your friends are to discover and share your video with their friends on Facebook. We recommend that you go live for at least 5 minutes. Giving people long enough to see that you’re broadcasting and attend. The maximum you can broadcast is 30 minutes on Facebook LIVE.
And if you lose your connection, don’t panic. Go to a place with better signal and your app will automatically try to re-connect.

Big Facebook Live Tip

Go Live Often. The more “Live” you go, the more Facebook is going to love you. The popular kid gets all the attention. Use different background and try different things. See what your audience is responding to. 

Bottom line is this…Marketing and Social Media are both changing. It’s a good idea to move forward with the new changes, step outside our comfort zone and grow the business you were destined to run.

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13 thoughts on “Why Using Facebook Live Is Awesome

  1. Kenny Santos

    How timely! I just did my first FB live today and I can see why people like it so much. My signal was weak so parts of the video ended up blurry but I still did it. If I have a strong signal, FB live is probably the way I’ll be making content from now on.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Boom bro, awesome!

  2. Rory Singh

    Facebook live is very powerful kind of ‘hypnotic’ and actually draws viewers in. Thanks for the tips Steve!

  3. Mike Marko

    Great insight! Today, we were more caught up on watching reality based videos than those of the edited ones. We appreciate more the boldness and the imperfections.

  4. Jelena Ostrovska

    Facebook Live is totally a game changer when it comes to getting attention and more engagement. Awesome tips Steve!! The more you go live, the more Facebook loves you! It’s all about that consistency! Thank you!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Right on Jelena. You’re a rockstar

  5. #manifesting

    I haven’t ventured into the fb live set yet, been thinking about it though. So your tips are great for me and anyone else who is looking to get started. Thank You

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Awesome, can’t wait to see them

  6. Julie Syl Kalungi

    I love Facebook Live I do it twice a week Wednesdays afternoon 2:30pm and Sunday Afternoons 2:15pm. You are so very right. It feels great to be recognized on a live show and FB live is no different. And We have got the trolls now on there too…aka “Confused fans” 🙂

    Your Periscope Videos are now live always. Which is great. For how long we dont know since Katch disappeared 🙂

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Love the trolls 🙂
      keep crushing it Julie

  7. Lorraine Menza

    I was doing periscope, but now my main focus in going to be facebook live! I like the idea that facebook gives your post more exposure when you go live!

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