US Presidential Debates and 4 Points That Affect Your Business

US Presidential Debate and Your Home Business

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If you were one of the (over) 90 Million people who watched the US Presidential Debate last night. If you were not around for it, I get it and you may have spared yourself some frustration. To be honest, I’ve only started watching these debates 5 Presidents ago. It seems like they do more to divide parties, that sway a vote. We have become so polarized in our Country, that the word “Politics” is now taboo. It reminds me of the home business industry…Seems you either like it or you don’t.

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Last night’s 90 minute “Show” reminded me of the journey we go on in our industry.

Point #1: Both candidates came out with smiles on and greeted each other by first name. They had great energy and seemed excited to be there.

Correlations: We come into this industry or a new opportunity and get excited. We’re greeting people with smiles and looking to serve the public with you product, service or opportunity. Not everyone will agree with what we’re doing, however being passionate about your mission is contagious.

Point #2: The first 10 minutes were focused on how they would both bring America out of the slump we’re in. They laid out some plans on the economy and violence. Though they had different opinions on what to do, they were both passionate about their plans.

Correlations: As we look to create our legacy, we follow the plan to a “T”. Grabbing the system packets, listening to audios and plugging into calls. For some, it could be the addition of Internet Marketing. You’re the most consistent you’ve ever been and it’s awesome.

Point #3: The mud slinging begins. I don’t know what started and to be honest, I don’t even care, because it doesn’t matter. Both should know, that sort of attitude and action does nothing but make them both look like fools. The Debate became all about them, how one was better than the other along with a barrage of insulting undertones. Not a suitable way for a Future President to act.

Correlations: Frustration can also settle in on your day and goals. Especially when our goals are not obtained in the first couple weeks, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed eventually quitting. This can also lead to shiny object syndrome.

Point #4: Who are the winners? Unfortunately for last night, there were no winners. Both candidates were knocked off their games and made to look foolish. The public has a first hand look at what sort of trouble we’re in.

Correlations: As soon at the frustration / overwhelmed feelings come into play, action stops. When action stops, winning seems to move further and further away.

What next? As for the US Presidential Debates, only time will tell. I am in great hope that both candidates will review this debate and regroup. Bring some value to the table and show us what they can do for us!

As for you, the Home Business Owner, watch the video below. You’ll dig it.

Phew that was a doozy. I’m not a big fan of politics but when it’s relevant, it’s relevant. The next US Presidential Debate is October 9th, 2016. We can only pray .

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7 thoughts on “US Presidential Debates and 4 Points That Affect Your Business

  1. Julie Syl Kalungi

    I watched the debate And I agree with the points you raised herein Steve, but I think Hillary came out a bit better, She held her composure despite the mud Trump kept throwing at her…And She tried not to get dragged into the mud with him. but he is too good at his mud slinging game. He knew just which button to push to get her rolling in there too, and he got the experience in that field..i.e. mud slinging!

    To be honest thats what he does best, fight dirty! And As network marketers we must endeavour not to get into that kind of scenario. Many do just that to each others companies, comp plans, systems etc. Its just wrong! And I loved this article!

  2. Kenny Santos

    These are some great correlations especially #3 and #4. Thank you for sharing. Frustration and losing your cool can bring out your ugly side if you let it and no one will want to do business with you.

  3. Jerry Hodges

    Interesting how you managed to draw positive thoughts and ideas from the debates. Neither of the candidates offered as much wisdom is you did in this post

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      LOL, thanks Jerry

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