Two Simple Tips To Improve Your Business Growth

Simple Tips To Increase Business Growth


Whether you’re new to owning your own business or you’re a veteran, there are certain things you here as you are presenting your product, service or opportunity. One to the most typical objections is not wanting to sound salesy or have to push products on people. I totally get that and if you want constant business growth, you’ll avoid this as well.

One of the biggest reasons why people avoid car shopping, the sales personnel. You know that when you walk onto the lot, that have a general idea of what you want and how much you want to spend. The last thing you want is someone persuading you to purchase something you may not want or is out of budget. I’ve been car shopping, looking at a certain automobile. The sales person walks up and this conversation comes about.

Car Dude: Nice Car
Me: Yea, sure it
Car Dude: You look good around it
Me: Yes, I was actually looking at something else
Car Dude: Why, what’s wrong with this one…Looks like it would fit you great
Me: Not what I’m looking for though
Car Dude: Oh, well…What is it that you want

This the reason, why people don’t want to own their own Home Business. They feel like they need to convince people, why they need out products or service. In the example above there was one thing missing. The sales person didn’t ask me anything, just assumed that what I was looking at, was what I wanted.

We tend to do that in our businesses. Remembering, there is a great deal of Image result for experienceresistance when you call a marketer. We get an email from a capture page and assume that the entrepreneur needs a certain aspect of our company or system. Someone asks about our product…weight loss, travel, techs, stocks, etc… and out goes the sales pitch or link. It’s no wonder that our prospects feel that they also need to be salesy.

I will say from experience, as much as I keep an ear for for service, I fall into sales mode from time to time… We all do.

There’s a simple solution here. Simply ask a set of questions. Be sincere and interested in what the person is saying to you. It’s almost impossible to help someone if you don’t know where to help.
First with Traditional MLM:
(Financial)How are you, what’s new? How’s the family? How’s work?
(Travel) What have you been doing for fun?
(Health/Wellness) Check out their health and ask about it.
Remember, this IS NOT an angle. These are questions to see how you best serve this person. The first two Family and Work are to see if that person is content with how life is going. If they are need of increased income or time, it helps with your conversation and where to go.
“If I could show you how to get some more time for your family, would you be open to a conversation?”
Heath: “If I could help you get to that ideal weight, size 4, 34 waist, etc… would you be open to a conversation?”
Travel: “If I could help you save a significant amount on your next vacations…would you be open to a conversation?”

Next with Online Marketing Systems:
Intro yourself, in case they can’t remember what they did.
Once you know each other, good questions are:
How long have you been in the industry?
What brought you in?
What company do you work with?
What brought you to that company?
While asking these questions, you’re actively listening and ‘relating’ to their answers. Though this is interviewing to see if they are a good fit for you to work with, you’re interacting. This entire process is 5-7 minutes. Leading into, what are you doing currently to grow your business? Now that you have the information you need to serve, Present Your Marketing System.
If you don’t have a Marketing System, feel free to See What I’m Using Here. 

Image result for servingFor Retention and Continued Business Growth, you have to let know three things
Do you care about me?
Can you help me?
Will you be there for me?

The next Tip for Business Growth is so simple. 
You have to ask. I’ve been with many business builders that go through an entire presentation, the person they’re speaking seems excited and No Ask. There’s awkward silence and finally the person say something like “Cool, I’ll probably have to think about it” – Response “Okay, cool. Let’s talk sometime tomorrow”

Personally I like to give options, not so much of whether or not to get started but Which Level to get started with. You can simply use test closes, while you’re presenting.
“Curious, if you were to choice right now, which option seems to make more sense? Gold or Platinum?” Whichever it is, just remember for the end.
When you’re finished presented product and business, it’s simple.
“You had mentioned that Gold made the most sense to you. Are you looking to do the Gold package as well as the business package?”

Too many options mess can be confusing. You know they want to do it and when given an out, they most likely will out of some sort of fear/reservation. Giving options will increase your closing rate and make it lots more fun for you.

If you follow those two simple tips, you’ll feel better about presenting, less salesy, serve more, lower resistance and increase your Business Growth.

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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  1. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Beautiful post Steve…Give them options at the end instead of letting them get away with fears and doubts…Absolutely will be testing these tops out immediately! Thank you so very much!

  2. Olivia Chance

    Being sincere with the prospects you talk to is very important. Loved the ideas for questions to ask your prospects. Thank for sharing these awesome tips, Steve!

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