Two Guys Carrying Another – Network Marketing Success

Helping-HandNetwork Marketing Success – A Great Story

Are you willing to do what it takes to reach your dreams? So many people have a false sense of what the road to greatness will be. Understand this, ANYONE can reach the top, as long as you know what’s in store for the journey. I feel that we need to, as an industry to let our new people know what we do.

Here’s the cool thing… Education is king. Knowing is what it’s all about, educating our people will give them a chance to make it and have the success that they and YOU deserve.

Check out the story of 4 guy in the video, yep 4.

Network Marketing Success

I heard that story again today at a ministry retreat weekend and it reminded me of the struggles that people go through, in and out our industry. It’s definitely better to inform haha.
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“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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12 thoughts on “Two Guys Carrying Another – Network Marketing Success

  1. Ismary

    You ask a great question and I really enjoyed you telling that story. Enjoy Chatanooga it’s beautiful there!

  2. Luis Craveiro

    Thanks for taking the time to share what you know about he industry Steve. Very useful and inspiring!

  3. Cate Saxton

    Hey Steve,
    Yes I'm cutting through the roof today! Love the carrying of each other!
    Namaste Steve…

  4. Kathleen Murphy

    No one climbs the path to success alone. Everyone needed help sometime along the way, and had to help others at other points in their journey. The more people you help, the better off you are. Love your post on carrying each other through the hard times, and finding creative paths to success. Thanks for sharing, Steve.

  5. Ron Deering

    Great Story from the Greatest of Books…. There are so many great lessons in the Bible…. It’s all about Loving others. The more we love on others the more we are blessed…. I will carry you through prayer my friend….. God Bless you and your family.

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