Troy Boyd

11-01-17 #3 of #5 (Comp’d)

Looking to possibly change directions from teaching Copy-Writing
Leaning towards healthcare-possibly diabeties awareness
MLSP-Putting a hold on selling affiliate marking…feels burnt out a bit from being around it all the time

Create webinar to sell Copy-Writing

What does the Health & Wellness Future look like? What to sell?

Intentions for today:

08-03-17 #2 of #5

Created Vision – “Best Thing Ever”
Got a new Client… Asked $1,000 more that typical and he agree without hesitation

Create Copy Critique package $397

Get Testimonies for Troy’s Sales Page – Write as though writing for someone else

Create Facebook Fanpage…

Facebook Live Webinars

7 Day Goals:
Get Fanpage up and going
Do a Facebook Live
Who Am I Mirror Exercise
Gain Testimonies

Next Session MLSP Conversation… Residual Income

07-26-17 #1 of #5

Troy’s Intentions for this block of sessions:
Feels as if pieces are missing from the puzzle…
Start moving and feel as if get stuck

I see it laid out, just not taking action

What does Troy Want?
Financially – Not worried about money
**$10k per month
**Not worry about buying clothes
**Retire wife (Tina) from work
**Move to South Carolina – in New Jersey
**Take family where they want, when they want
**Paid for car

Is this possible for Troy?

*What’s holding Troy Back?
**Not giving it all
**Doesn’t want eyes on Troy

Feels as if “I should be there”

MLSP Affiliate

Promoted MLSP in the past?
Been here since 2013…
Article marketing

Where is main source of income?
Income creating now, enough to pay the bills

Work before…
Industrial jobs
Always been into copy-writing

For the most part been going through life at approx. 60% performance…

Daughter has cleft pallet

**What would you say to “Super Successful Troy” 3 years from now?
Nice job Troy, you did it…This is what you wanted. It wasn’t hard was it?

**What would you ask Troy?
How does it feel? Response: Damn good. Exactly how I thought you would feel…

***What would future Troy say to you now
Start working now. You know what to do…Just do it!
~Put myself out there. How? Teach people how to do what you do. Break it down to how you know how to do it.
What would that look like?
Blogging, Email marketing, Video…

****Describe Troy in 3 years
Stress Free

I am Rockstar
I am a Bad Ass Copy-Writer
I am Guru
People need me for their success
I am Rich/Wealthy
I Save People… Savior
I am the Mentor people are waiting for
I am Abundant


7 Day Goals:
Create your Vision
Who Am I Mirror Exercise
Create a copy-writing package
Create blog posts (3) of good quality