Trish Egan

Session #4 of #5 09-22-17

Leads from last ad – 9… for $20

What was your biggest take away. What did you like best.

Change FB Business Page button to “Learn More” and go to either capture page, or straight to PDF…

Be cautious of MLM links on FB Page

Active Prospecting?
Reached out to some people…
Need to “Get out of my comfort zone”
**Addressed this
Leaders state “What do you know about Ketones?”

“Hey, I’ve got some pretty cool things working in my life…”

Session #3 of #5 08-30-17

PDF finished
Started FB Live Challenge – So far 30 people are looking to start the challenge
on Monday 09-04-17

Ad Copy-Writing
Losing Weight Can Be One Of The Most Difficult Challenges We Face.
If you’re like me, mom of 5, Finding The Time To devote to a full Exercise and Fitness Routine seems impossible.
I found a way… I came up with 7 Ways To Increase Energy, Focus and Lose Weight. I’ve detailed it in a PDF that I’m Giving Away for a Limited Time.
If you’d like a copy, comment “Yes” below.

Finalized Funnel in funnelizer.

Session #2 of #5 08-24-17

Vision done!
PDF – Reviewed and added the conclusion to end
“Remove Pinterest”

Intentions for today:
Having hard time with FB Group pitching. Go To Closing Webinar in Membership Hub

Facebook Group MLSP Webinar Training


Print this out

Great Book – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza


Add 20 minutes to beginning of day for meditation (will increase the entire day)

This PDF will line up with the above meditation

Go through closing webinar

Step 1 Finish PDF-don’t download yet

Step 2 Create Capture page for PDF
“7 Ways to Increase Energy, Focus and Lose. Without Going To The Gym”

Step 3 Create 2nd Capture page “A Simple Flavored Drink To Start Burning Fat As Quickly As :59 Minutes. Learn More Now!”

Step 4 Create Thank you Page…Get with Steve

Session #1 of #5 08-17-17

Agree on housekeeping stuff

Husband – Mike 47

Intentions for next 5 calls:
Feels ‘bothersome’ to friends and family
Learn how to market
Been in NM (Tupperware) since April-Younique shortly after. Pruvit in June

Stay at home Mom…

What does Trish want?
Financial stability to stay home with children
$ for husband to ‘truly’ retire when retiring from military
~What does financial stability~
Debt free
Traveling – where? St Thomas.
Not have to worry about things
$10,000 per month
Live in Alabama – Down near the bay
House-White, kitchen like HG TV, Big porch, Pool…

Believe this is possible?
Yes! I do!

How prefer to build?
Social media: FB/Instagram

Worry about money now?
Yes, been like for some time now…
Always had a job in the past. now stay at home mom. just Mike has income

Limiting belief:
Will I ever get there

What would if cost you IF this didn’t work?
Go back to work, 9-5.
How would that work out? “Would not be happy”
Would have to ask permission to live life…

Trish…3 years from now at Legend
*Less stressed

To Future from now Trish: What advice would you give me?
It takes work
Don’t give up
Learn as much you can about marketing
Believe in yourself!

Apology pitch
Meetup NM Groups

“I am powerful”
“I am an inspiration”
“I am the leader people are looking for”
“I am awesome”

Who to speak to:
Busy Moms
Speaking life and beauty into women
Benefits of Pruvit:
*increase longevity of exercise results
Benefits of those benefits
**Living life again
**People would say wow

7 Day Goals: <РVideo #1 Vision
Create vision from video and get to Steve
Create target market and get to Steve
Create PDF Giveaway – get to Steve
Follow 20 people per day on Facebook
Friend request 2-4 people per day (FB Groups. Women’s Fitness, etc…)
Creating Conversations – 35 total
Create FB Group and Name It…
Facebook Lives – After target is created talk with Steve

7 Ways Increase To Increase Energy and Lose Weight
PDF for above using

Next Session – How to Create and Run a profitable group