To Blog or Not To Blog?

Do you have to blog

to be successful?

Good question?

Your blog will be central to a successful inbound marketing strategy that will help your exposure and generate more leads online. Why?

Here are 6 reasons your business needs to blog:

1. You are building yourself up as a leader by expressing your knowledge and becoming a “go-to” resource for knowledge. People gravitate towards leaders. So provide people with something of value.

2. Get SEO value for each blog article. The more content your create, the better the chances of you getting found online.

3. Talk to customers and prospects through your blog comments. It’s cool to be public with these conversations as a question and answer session.

4. Attract leaders.  Have you ever noticed that leaders hang with leaders? They didn’t wake up one day and become a leader. They started out just like you.

5. Generate more leads online. A “Hubspot” study found that a business with a blog, generated 67% more leads online line that business’ without a blog.

6. Make your blog . People will see that you are a human being. Someone that they can get to know and connect with.


Well, that’s all I came up with haha. Just kidding, that should be just enough to make you dangerous.

If you need any help with creating content, check this video out that I put together on Creating Content.


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“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda


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