Tips on PPC Keywords

Pay Per Click is a great way to generate leads. Oh yea…

BUT let me tell you something, it can also be a whole that you dump money into, if you are not careful. There are quite a few different places and/or resources to place your ads. Facebook, google, yahoo, etc…

The resource that I like to use is 7Search. It’s very easy to use, the people/ help network is great. I had some issues with my clicks and they offered me some tips to follow to increase my conversions.


So, you came here for some PPC tips. Here is what a newbie has to say, that has been producing results.


Geography Check out where you are attempting to target. This is simple and self explanatory. If your product is only available in the United States, you should probably stick with the States. I know, duh. BUT this has to be said as you want to make sure your PPC you are using has this option.


Adjust your keywords so they are relevant to your offer. Make sure they aren’t too broad. For example, if you are marketing a gold and silver MLM, using the keyword “Gold” though it sounds great, is going to get every Tom, Dick and Harry who searches Gold to click on your ad, increasing your ad costs. If you are looking to use “Gold” make sure your ad is very clear as to what it is to avoid unwanted clicks.


Bidding The resources that you use for PPC will obviously give you a choice (with a min amount) of what to bid and use for your ad. In 7Search, there are 3 pricing levels you may choose from. I personally like to bid in spot #2. You can make your own decision on that one. Also, 7Search allows you to pick and chose what keyword you decide on per the cost. For example, if you type in the work “Keyword”, you will get a list to chose from with different phrases. Some will be free, some will be as high as $1.00.

So you have the choice.


Negative Keywords are a core component of a successful keyword list. Adding a negative keyword to your ad group or campaign means that your ads won’t show for searches containing that term.

I would highly recommend researching negative keywords.

Track your ads. Keep an eye on what is going on. Check it out, you don’t to just place your ads and let them go for the duration and hope for the best. Watch them and see what is converting to leads. You see you may have awesome keywords and they are getting clicked but your ad may not be what you want. Experiment A LOT with the section. If you have something that is working, then analyze what you have in that ad and what keywords you are using and compare them together. See what is catching people eyes and work that into your other ads.

Have an opinion, I would love to hear it. Leave a comment.

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