Tips on How to Conquer Fear

Conquering Fear

Sheesh, Fear is something else. How to conquer fear is really something else. Let me start by telling you about some fears I have recently conquered. Let’s see: there’s fear of talking to complete strangers, face to face, talking to strangers on the phone, being in front of large audiences and some other stuff I may get into in another article.



How to Conquer Fear part I

So how did I conquer fear in these instances?

I thought about the reasons I was hesitant to move forward with stifling these fears. What was it that really bothered me about the above examples? Let’s start with the talking to people face to face and on the phone. I thought to myself…what do I have to lose, seriously? Nothing right? That doesn’t put you past it LOL. You have to psyched yourself up sometimes, at least that’s what I did in the beginning. So I started small, walking past people and making eye contact…moving up to a “Hello” then just for Poo’s and giggles, I would ask how they were doing today. It’s kind of funny the responses you get, you have to try it. I do it in Walmart, the mall, social events, downtown Naples…all over the place. It’s to the point where it bothers me if I don’t talk to a complete stranger when I am out. Kind of a 180* turn around for me who used to be a crazy introvert.

It was the same for me on the phone. What I did was this: I would take a deep breath, tell  myself “This person is no better than me and they NEED ME to inform them on how to change their lives” Pretty cool right? Then of course I had my notes laid out in front of me to guide me through question/answer parts of the conversation (I am talking about network marketing call backs of course) Well, these lessons I had been teaching myself carried over to my full time job. I have created some pretty cool relationships with the clients that we work for. It’s about attraction marketing and social networking.

I found out that ‘THIS STUFF IS EASY and FUN’

How to Conquer Fear part II

Now on to the BIG ONE. Being in front of large audiences. This was really tough for me. Let’s take a look at it for a minute. Why should I have to conquer fear? Good question and it’s poooo. I began to tell myself, “Self, if you want to be normal and blend in, the keep to yourself, work go home and that’s it. BUT IF YOU WANT TO BE SOMEBODY, you HAVE to STEP UP!!!” So that’s what I did, I started out small, doing children stories on church and realized that it was hard in the beginning but after a few, it was pretty easy and actually enjoyable. Then I thought to myself, what was I afraid of, what bothered me so much about all of this? So then at the My Lead System Pro’s Live The Dream II, Brian and Norbert asked the crowd “Who has a fear of being in front of crowds” and before I knew it, I raised my hand and ran to the front stage. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, was this really happening? OMG What am I going to say? AHHHHHHHHH. Yes that is really what went through my head. Then it occurred to me as I stood on stage, these people are humans just like me and are interested in what I have to say no matter what it is. It was cool.

Anyway, here is the video of me being up on stage. It was fun and I would have regretted it if I hadn’t done it.

Here are my tips with questions:

What fear do you want to conquer

Why is it a fear

What are the consequences if you do or do not

Will you regret it if you don’t do it

And WHY NOT?!?!

Life is about TAKING ACTION. Living with REGRET is horrible. I did it for a long time. THAT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN. If it is in my power I WILL TAKE ACTION, and YOU SHOULD TOO. You will be a happier person. Well, those are my tips on conquering fear. Feel free to contact me below, if you have any fears. I am not a professional but I have conquered a lot of fears and would love to give free advice.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda