This Will Make You Faster

Remember being a kid? Your mom or dad take you shopping for some new shoes. Ugh, who wants to go shoe shopping at that age? Well some haha. But for most, not so much. That being said, sneaker shopping, that’s something different. You get that first pair on and the first thing you do is run and fast, up and down the isles you go. You judge those shoes on your new super human running and jumping ability you now have. Oh what a feeling that was, being a kid and getting those new sneakers.

Now, being older, we know a little different. Well, got some new sneakers yesterday. I felt pretty good in the store, just like a kid again. I was all excited this morning heading to the gym and I am sure you know what happened. I was the same speed, didn’t jump any higher and felt some new muscles I haven’t felt in a while. I will say my knees and back felt better.

What happened was, I fell into the hype. ‘Sigh’ Yep, even me. I laughed today about mid-morning, talking to my wife about all of this.

Remember this when you are looking into any sort of business, internet site, training seminars, etc… Do your due diligence, research what you are looking into. Here’s a tip, take your emotion out of it. If you are looking at a business, look at the product, comp plan, the leaders of the company and the training system. ALL SEPARATELY. They have to work together. Is it something you would buy if it weren’t for the company? Do you have to have hundreds of “employees” in order to make a buck? Are the owners, people who have opened and closed companies all over the country or even the world? Does the company have a training system that is not only duplicatable but affordable as well? AND last but not least, have people been successful?

These are just some things to consider when you are looking into something new for yourself. Take yourself away emotionally and have confidence that you are making the right choice. I AM NOT SAYING let skepticism step in or that you start questioning just use good judgement.

Remember, If it makes sense, GO FOR IT.

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“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda