This Is Sabotage

Sabotage Steve? What the heck??? Yep, that’s what I said.

We have all sabotaged ourselves at one point or another. Here are some points on how to AVOID  sabotaging your own Network Marketing Business.

1. Facebook plastering. You will do no good plastering your business all over your facebook page. You lose that chance to talk to someone about what YOU have been up to. And since everyone has facebook, all your friends will know what you are going to say, before you even open your mouth. You see, you have already been pre-judged without saying a word. You become “That Guy or That Girl”. Network Marketing is just that, networking with people. You actually have to have a conversation with people. Of course, unless you already have thousands loyal followers.

2. Email Blasts. Besides being flat out annoying, they, for the most part, don’t work. Look at it this way, how many do you get in a day? How many do you open? Get the point.

3. Hyping. You heard it, hyping. Never hype someone up by telling them how good they are going to be or by how much money they are going to make. This gives false hope. You want to be straight with people, let them know what they will be doing. Let them know that this is not a “Get rich quick” program but a “Get very wealthy in 18-24 months”
They will be successful if they follow the plans set up by their upline and the leaders in the company.

4. This is easy Again, never tell someone how “Easy” it is. See note 3. above. The first month of your business, to me, is the most important. You get the most “No’s” because you are telling everyone. This is the point, you should be telling everyone. Notice I said telling, actually talking to people.
If you tell someone how easy it is and the results are limited, chances are they will quit. You helped them sabotage themselves.




These are some pretty simple steps to help move you and your future team in the right direction.


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“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda