The Truth About Network Marketing Today | MLM Review

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The Truth About Network Marketing Today | MLM Review

I have been around network marketing for a long time, about 8 years now. I originally jumped into this world because of the money LOL. I mean, come on, isn’t that “Why” most people join? You meet someone that is making a ton of money, you see the car they drive and the lifestyle they have and you want it. So I joined. Woo Hoo, I was excited. I am going to be rich. You know the saying “If I build it they will come” or “If I just join people will join because I rock and this rocks”.

While this may be true for a small percentage of people, it’s a hard truth to come into and if you aren’t warned, it could be devastating and in my opinion, is the #1 reason people quit.

Today, I am doing to talk to you about the MLM Truth and a true MLM Review. This will be unbiased because I am tired of people “Not knowing the truth”

 First things first. You must talk to people, everyone you know. It’s okay, some will say yes and some will say no. It’s really not that big of a deal. Don’t take it personally, they aren’t saying no to you but to your opportunity. Some people just don’t get it and that’s okay. Remember, this isn’t for everyone.

 Getting past the nervousness of talking to people is a lot easier than you think. Look back at the day you joined, close your eyes for a minute and remember that excitement you had, remember what you envisioned for your future with your big decision. That’s the excitement you want to have inside of you when talking to people. Not hype but excitement about your dream. People will feed off of it and feel your confidence and will more likely to listen to what you have to say.

 The Phone…da da daaaaaaa! LOL. It’s crazy how many people fear talking on the phone. Here’s the truth about being on the phone with people. WHO CARES?! Think about it this way, 9 times out of 10, you don’t even know them. You may mess up talking to them, but you always have your upline there for you, they are your “Parachute” so to speak. Here’s another thing you MUST remember, if you don’t talk to them, they WILL NOT sign up with you. Getting on the phone with them will increase your chances of success 10 fold. You know what’s cool about it, is you show people that you are real, that anyone can do it, even if you are about to vomit LOL. You want them to know “Heck, if they can do it, so can I”    You have no idea how many times I have talked to people with them say “I can’t believe you called, nobody ever called me back before”…Just by you picking up the phone put you head and tail above the MAJORITY of the marketers in the industry. PICK UP THE PHONE AND MAKE SOME MONEY.

Not a “Get Rich Quick” but a get incredibly wealthy in 24-36 months. Can you look in the future and see yourself sitting at the beach today with, nothing to do but live. That is what is possible with Network Marketing. You have to commit to yourself that you will put in the time, work your business and stick with it for a min. of 24 months.

This is a business, Your Business. Treat it like one. This is your future and your FREEDOM, you put in the time now and you will create a dream life for yourself that will give you the Freedom you want to do what you want, where you want and when you want.


Remember who you are, you guys are awesome, you are here for a reason. You are here for the truth and with the information you just read, you will be prepared and ready to create a legacy for yourself.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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