The simplest way to Choose a Network Marketing System

The simplest way to Choose a Network Marketing System

Each day tons of people invest their money to join a network marketing opportunity with the expectation of making some additional earnings working just a few hours per week from home. Sadly about a quarter of those people will give up in the first couple of months, quite often worse off than they started.


It’s a tragic, but true story. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because the difference between enjoying incredible success or suffering a crippling failure is often due to nothing more than using a simple network marketing system designed to do most, if not all, of the heavy lifting for you and your team.

Systems and Tools are Two Different Things

Many new network marketers confuse tools with systems, and this may be a pricey mistake. They believe that tools are a marketing system, but that just is not right.

Yet nothing could be further from the honest truth.

A good network marketing system will employ a number of different tools, but any tool will be completely worthless unless it is a component of a completely integrated series of processes which are engineered to achieve a measurable result.

As an example, your company may provide you with a superb DVD presentation sure to generate interest in your product, service or opportunity. Yet this DVD is really just a tool and completely worthless without a system ( a series of processes ) built to get the DVD in the hands and DVD players of prospects who might have an interest in learning more.

A webinar event hosted by heavy hitters in the business is great as a sponsoring tool. Yet again it’ll be totally useless when offered on its own and not part of a system of steps which should be taken including, registration and gathering of prospects’ information for follow-up.

Complete Network Marketing System Example

A system is a series of guided steps designed to cause a desired result. A good network marketing system for lead generation, for example, may include twelve steps, and if lead generation is being done online, these steps might be taken:

Use specific market analysis tools to choose a target audience with an expressed need for your products, services or opportunity. (E.g, “stay at home moms”)

The precise words, phrases and expressions used inside a selected niche need to be investigated using keyword analysis tools. For instance “network marketing opportunities”.

Then you may use the tool to find out how much competition there is for those keywords, this specific tool will measure how many web sites, blog content, articles and presumably ads there are competing for those keywords.

Articles should then be written addressing people’s issues, with their solutions, either by you or by an outsourced writer. These articles can be manually submitted individually to article marketing sites, or they can be submitted to a tool such as a service who will submit these for you.

Promote article by pinging url, social bookmarking and securing backlinks.

Notice that the complete “network marketing system” is a series of processes built to produce a particular result.

In this case, to get a new web page to rank higher on the search engines for keywords employed by your target audience. This will result in a wave of very targeted traffic to your web site…

Where you could have yet another series of proven steps engineered to catch the interest of your new potential prospect and compel them to opt-in to receive more information.

Using a Turnkey Online Network Marketing System

Clearly the quickest way to success is by finding a fully integrated network marketing system which will produce all the results for which you are looking. Make sure you aren’t just throwing money at yet another standalone tool that’ll be absolutely ineffectual if it does not work within your system.

There’s one that we do recommend.

Want to know the system? Willing to pay the price in both time and effort to duplicate it? Here you go…

Proven Network Marketing System that Produces Results

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