The Secrets to Internet Network Marketing

The Secrets to Internet Network Marketing

The terms “Internet marketing” and “network marketing” nowadays are getting confused, but essentially one may be used to market the other.


Internet network marketing often means promoting a product using social networking sites and blogs, or via forums or by building an internet site, and the big difference between Internet and network marketing is that network marketers are continually looking to build a team who also promotes their products. The brilliant thing is if you’re promoting your product successfully, others who want to get into the network marketing business will see that, and they will soon want to join your team.

If as an example you promote Amazon products on your internet site and thru blogs and the other varied kinds of marketing out there, why would you need to become a Multi Level Marketer?

The answer’s that in the long term you can make WAY more money being in M.L.M, particularly when you understand that once you have a team to work for you, they will be making profits for you, without much effort on your part.

Imagine having a successful downline team of about a hundred or a thousand people, who were all happy and earning substantial incomes themselves – now think about you earning commissions from their sales, how much more successful you can become. With affiliate marketing you make a little percentage on every sale that you make, and then need to wait for the next sale to come along – everything you do is by your own hand. With network marketing all those other people are earning for you, even while you are at the beach!

Say for instance you’re worked 20 hours every week at your network marketing business and you bring on board twenty people who also work twenty hours each week, then you have leveraged an additional four hundred hours of time for yourself each week!

Internet Network Marketing Revenue Opportunities

I know people who earn a living through both internet marketing and network marketing and in the long run the serious successful network marketers end up working less hours and making more cash. Why?

Well, the successful internet marketing experts always have to keep on top of the latest products to market and consistently have to build backlinks to their web sites and get fresh content onto their sites on a consistent basis.
Naturally this is often done by outsourcing, but even then you have to find the right writers and the right people to increase backlinks for you. Some internet marketing specialists have quite a few websites to manage to make a decent living; I don’t care how straightforward they say it is, it isn’t!

I will warn you though that there is a big rate of attrition in both internet and network marketing because it’s easier to fail than succeed, particularly if you’re not happy with the hard work you have to put in, in the beginning.

So, what’s the SECRET Steve?!?! There is no secret, no magic genie or lamp to rub, not easy button. Just good old fashioned hard work. That and the use of some amazing systems. When you start out it’s your J.O.B, and never should be thought of as a past-time if you truly want to be successful.

The KEY is to focus almost all of your time and effort learning marketing, promotion systems and lead generation. It’s time to stop wrestling and put your business on the fast track, wouldn’t you agree?

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