The Phone – Breaking Fears and What Works For Me

phone fear2Pick up the phone and call your prospects.

You feel that anxiety by just bringing up the topic of “The Phone”? Some won’t even answer the phone when they don’t recognize the number. What’s the big deal about talking with people, people that aren’t anywhere around? The person on the other end can’t physically hurt you, you can end the call at any time and really…does it matter what your prospects say?

It has become common to promote systems that brag about automation and eliminating the need to make any calls. These systems will bring you leads and will grow your business to a certain extent but, won’t take you where you want to go. I have made calls this week where the prospect was shocked that I even called. Here’s how you rock out.

Addicted to the Outcome
You dial the numbers, it’s ringing and your mind is racing….”I need a sign up” and bam, you sabotage the call. You start trying too hard and get lost in the conversation. Start rushing to the end and going straight for the close. Which brings me to the next point and will help with your new found addiction, LOL.

Be Present
Sabotaging the conversation comes from the above mentioned reasons, now see if this sounds familiar.
You have all these “Answers” to rejections all lined up in your head. You’re waiting to fire the rejection gun as soon as you hear. What this does is takes you away from the conversation. Being present in the conversation means that you are actively listening to the person. This will help you connect with the person on a personal level and build trust. That’s what is needed to grow your business, a sustainable business, through relationship building.

Don’t Speak With Frustration
Once you get frustrated, you might as well end the conversation. Those that criticize you in person are trying to do just that, frustrate you and throw you off your game…Kill Your Posture.

First let me begin with this. The things said to you are designed to do that. It’s easier to get you to give up on trying by being rude and asking off the wall, uneducated questions. Reasons for this sort of behavior is typically a few reasons. The person doesn’t think they can do it and there is a fear of failure, they don’t think they have the time or it’s going to be too hard.

Next time something derogatory is said and you feel the frustration, do this. Hmm, that’s interesting…we’ll come back to that, tell me what you liked best about what you saw. If they persist, the only response is “Sounds like this may not be for you”. Maintaining posture and dignity as professional. This is also called the take away which sometimes will turn the conversation.

The most common stated is “Is this a pyramid scheme” or “This looks like a scam”    You can going into some long explanation or just handle it like a professional.
“Is it a pyramid?” “Yes it is or absolutely (followed by) Tell me what you liked best about what you saw”
“This looks like a scam” “Interesting, I haven’t seen that. Can you tell me which part of this you saw is a scam” “Money is made by selling a membership and you receive an over ride by the ones that are on your team.”  That’s it.

Answering Questions
Let me preface this by telling you that you can go down a road of answering A LOT of questions to only say “NO” in the end.
What is assumed in this section is that you don’t know the answer. Here’s your response to a single question or a couple questions. “If I get the answer to that, will it give you what you need to get started today”

It’s Okay To Go For The Close
You’ll know when the time is right and here is what I like to say. It differs from person to person and here are some example using the Okay Great lead in.
Okay great, you ready to get started?
Okay great, Lets go ahead and get you started.
Okay great, Are you ready to lock arms and get things rockin?

That’s about it, I don’t put too much thought into phone calls anymore. I am present with my prospect, keep it short and understand that I am the one that is in control of the conversation because at any point, I can take the opportunity away.



“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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  1. Sebstian Roman


    Great post! How many cold calls do you perday? Fear of doing sales over the phone use to be my biggest thing. Great tips

    1. admin Post author

      Honestly, I haven’t had to make cold calls in a long time. Mostly calling leads that I am generating 🙂
      Yea man. I was the same. The phone was heavier than the weight rack in the gym LOL

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