The Network Marketing Game – How To Win

gameHow to Play The
Network Marketing Game!

How many times do you see other people “Winning” the game of Network Marketing? Post after post “Please help me welcome….” It’s cool to watch, yes… as well as it can get and be frustrating to see them “Win” so much.

Winning the Network Marketing Game

How the heck are they doing it? They figured it out, figured out how to stack the odds in their favor. What most people don’t understand is that this game that we are playing – We have the power to make up our own rules.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your business to grow. There’s nothing wrong with wanting people to enroll into your company…Where most people go wrong is getting addicted to that part of it. Addicted to people telling them yes. When days go by and they are full of No’s, it’s draining.

Change the rules. Make the rules that you must get 3-5 No’s a day. Then when you get those No’s, you are satisfied and gratified because you won today. Does it mean that you stop if someone say YES?! Absolutely not, unless you already hit your quote of No’s.

Get what I’m saying. Check out how I describe it in the video below. I think you’ll dig it

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So, the question is. Are you ready to not only play but to win YOUR Network Marketing Game by YOUR rules?

“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda

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