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Go ahead click it…You know you want to haha

It is now stuck in your head for the day. Muahaha, I know, that was an evil thing to do. Now that I’ve made my point and have your attention, lets move on.

Your Individual Brand

You see when you are branding yourself as a leader, you have to stick out. There are literally thousands and thousands of Bloggers, Experts, Guru and Self Professed Legends in our industry. It’s a bit humorous if you really take a look around.

Don’t take it personally, we all do it. We model ourselves after our mentors. Hey it worked for them, why not me? Here’s the problem. You are now that person and not YOU!!!

Now what? What do you do from here?

Get your niche. Find something that you can relate whatever business you are trying to promote. You could be in karate, tennis, avid church goer, construction – Relate it.  Are you funny, serious, like to go the beach, etc… Use your imagination. By all means, mix it up. If you write about karate all the time, your content will start to run together.

Your Individual Brand Example:

Let’s say you have a pretty good sense of humor (at least you think you do) Use it. Humor is always a good thing. It keeps the reader’s attention. Being serious all the time is no fun and you lose your readers attention quicker than a stinky fart will clear a room.

Ha, at least I got a grin from you.

Talk from the heart. Don’t be afraid to write ideas down. Write out your blog and let someone read it and have them give you their honest opinion. You’ll need all the criticism you can get until you become proficient at writing.

As you can see, I like to use visuals. That’s the way I read, I like pictures. They break up the reading and make it more fun.

My point being, God made us all different. It is cool to use someone as a model but be unique in everything that you do and you will be remembered for it. I suggest what has put me on the right path and that’s MLSP I don’t describe it because it speaks for itself.

Remember this applies to all business’, whether it is construction, MLM, furniture store, gas station, etc…

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World”  Do it your own way.

If you have an opinion Leave It at the bottom

“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda


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