~Amber Jones “Steve is truly an inspiration.He leads by example, and is always positive. Many times over, he has helped me to …Read More.

~Ashley Chaffee “Steven Krivda has the attributes of a natural leader. He shows utter compassion for his fellow peers and no job is too big or…Read More

~Bethany Conrecode “Steve Krivda is an exceptional leader. He is strong, polite, intense and … Read More

~Herb Boothby “I have known Steve for over five years. He’s very responsible in the way he takes care of his family and other … Read More

~Kendall Chaffee “I have worked with Steve on many projects and he is very conscience and thorough and works until…Read More

~Robert Fletcher “As owner of USA Karate & Fitness I met Steven Krivda over 20 years ago. Steven comes from a family of strength, values, honesty and integrity. First as a student Steven achieved his black belt which required…Read More

Special thanks for all the kind words

“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda



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12 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Susan Marie Lynch

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  3. Jeff Atkins

    Steve I just wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE your Energy, Passion, and wilingness to help others… You are an inspiration to me and many others and a shining example of what's possible when you put self doubt aside and just do it! Thanks for being YOU and showing that a REAL person can succeed using attraction marketing to build their business online! I've currently personally sponsored 23 people into my main opportunity and I'm blown away everytime someone contacts me and asks me to be their sponsor! Things are moving in the right direction and I'm about to devote my full attention to my online marketing. My goal… actually… my COMMITTMENT is to be the #1 recruiter in my company and I am confident that I have the knowledge, tools, desire, and dedication to make it happen… I'm not sure where I would be today had you not called and gave me that first nudge… I appreciate all you do! THANKS!


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