Terry Calvert

08-04-17 Session #2 of #5


Wrote Letter and feels great “It’s a relief”
and Deleted the letter – It is done!

Who Does Terry want to look like in the profession of network marketing
Servant Leadership

How can Terry best Serve:
Help others realize that their dreams/success come true

What does the message look like:
Supportive of others’ dreams
~Help other’s find their identity~
~Retirement Funds~
~Be the Ray of Hope to Baby Boomers~

How can you get that message out
Consistency FB Live
Social Media posts

Find Your Identity / Increase Your Income, Increase Your Freedom
~The Baby Boomer Advocate~

Create Content Ideas and email them to Steve
Fill out the avatar sheet attached to email

08-03-17 Session #2 of #5


Been an emotional / rough week
Found self crying at times
Couldn’t move forward
Was looking for hugs from Lance

Executive Decision by Steve to post-pone session to tomorrow for Terry to finish Homework

07-31-17 Session #1 of #5


Agrees to House Rules

Terry’s Intentions for these calls:
God: “Make me the way You want me” “Remove the way the world knows me”

What does that look like? How God wants Terry to be:
*Do His Will…His Will is to bring people to Him.
*To show others that they accomplish anything this is in THEM.
*God wants me to help people to do it.

Why isn’t the above possible now?
I’ll be 65 this year.
*Thinking about Grandmother… Rags to Riches
**Said something to me when I was 8-9 yrs old. “What happened to you, you used to be scared of “NOTHING”

I never felt like I was supposed to be. <– What supposed to be? More of introvert than extrovert.
Mom wanted: Phone ringing off hook, popular girl in school…
*Remembered a time to chill in room. To read Bible. Mom said “NO”
Mom a believer? Yes (Hesitation) – After conversation… Mom may have not been believer
Mom left Terry out of “Will”
Mom Died on Birthday to have last word…
*Terry told Betty (mom) that she loves her as Child of God BUT hate her as a mom.

“I am very successful”
“I deserve freedom”
“I am worthy” <—-
“I impact”
“God made me perfect”
“I am the greatest of all time because of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”

What could repair thoughts and feelings around the scenario around mother
*Stop living in the hurt
*Keeping working on me

7 Day Goals:

Write Letter “Dear Mom”
Mirror exercise “Who Am I”
Start to Feel Freedom That I Deserve
Go to Module #1 create a written <—www.SteveKrivda.com/HBSFHub

Consequences of NOT writing letter:
Won’t be able to accomplish God’s Mission

07-17-17 Comp Call

As teenager, a person came to front door…
Studied to become a Nun at one point
Been Married 31 years – 27 of those years…not so good
To God: “Why can’t I find Love?”

Jan – Feb 2017 – Found fire to serve and speak at LTD IX
*Lance couldn’t drive solo anymore.

owe $4500 on car

With Le-vel but not promoting.
Only promoting MLSP at this point.

What would Terry want out of this call
A “Kick in the butt” and put on right track…