Terry Calvert

09-26-17 Session #1 of #5 Block (2)


Time to market Terry
What to sell: MLSP and Terry
Wants to be “different” and short

How to be valuable and present to the market

Who is Terry
Giver, lover, help <— Servant

Knowledge and value: Speak to market

Speaking to the uneducated marketer…
*Objection Handling
*Where to find people on social to talk to
*How to approach your warm market
*Cold market prospecting tips


Set Timer/Alarm on phone to go off through out the day – Monday – Friday

Dive into learning as much as possible about Network Marketing. Also see MLSP back office

Learn and implement your strategies… teach your audience. Get results from implementing the above new education.

Prospecting: 25 commitment. Between now and next session!

09-07-17 Session #5 of #5


Came in with a surprise: Sent mom’s grave flowers! HUGE!!!
Had some issues with Lance. Terry took personal responsibility for her part of the issue.

Daily Activities:
Post on Facebook 3 x’s per day min.
*Lifestyle post / Motivational post / Learning post / (Facebook Lives 2-3 x’s per week)

Focus only on Facebook and ManyChat
Study your Target Market

Next Week: Create mini-course on Facebook Ads…

08-28-17 Session #4 of #5


Purchased VIP Tix to Live The Dream!
Listening to Dr. Joe book
Working on Omni-Presence –  Facebook Live
Still going through 30 Day Bootcamp

“I am going to speak at Live The Dream 9”

Content Ideas:
1. You Changed…
2. Struggles of a baby boomer entrepreneur:
**List 3-4…Example: Who to talk to, How to navigate around the internet and social media. Where to find people on social media.
Use this for a Call To Action “If you’d like to know 10 simple ways to generate 50 leads per day, comment “Me” below” Then give them this link http://USERNAME.top10prospectingtricks.com


Purchase TerryCalvert.com

Build: Facebook Lives and Facebook Posting. Blog
2 Lives this week with Call To Action To Build Audience

Engage: Talking with leads and prospecting

Sell: Offer MLSP
(See SteveKrivda.com/ClosingWebinar ) <– watch again 🙂

08-22-17 Session #3 of #5

Avatar Worksheet 05-16-17


Feels free…Almost overwhelming
Lance is excited

Son had run-in with law.
Having an issue with integrity

Had ‘best-friend’ come with “You should go on welfare”
Terry’s response “I will succeed”

Since written letter, mirror exercise and affirmations feeling overwhelmed <- Good?

Created 120 Bootcamp tracker sheets
Created 120 Point tracker sheets

7 Day Goals:
#1: Avatar
#2: Create Content Ideas and email them to Steve (15) Total

08-04-17 Session #2 of #5


Wrote Letter and feels great “It’s a relief”
and Deleted the letter – It is done!

Who Does Terry want to look like in the profession of network marketing
Servant Leadership

How can Terry best Serve:
Help others realize that their dreams/success come true

What does the message look like:
Supportive of others’ dreams
~Help other’s find their identity~
~Retirement Funds~
~Be the Ray of Hope to Baby Boomers~

How can you get that message out
Consistency FB Live
Social Media posts

Find Your Identity / Increase Your Income, Increase Your Freedom
~The Baby Boomer Advocate~

Create Content Ideas and email them to Steve
Fill out the avatar sheet attached to email

08-03-17 Session #2 of #5


Been an emotional / rough week
Found self crying at times
Couldn’t move forward
Was looking for hugs from Lance

Executive Decision by Steve to post-pone session to tomorrow for Terry to finish Homework

07-31-17 Session #1 of #5


Agrees to House Rules

Terry’s Intentions for these calls:
God: “Make me the way You want me” “Remove the way the world knows me”

What does that look like? How God wants Terry to be:
*Do His Will…His Will is to bring people to Him.
*To show others that they accomplish anything this is in THEM.
*God wants me to help people to do it.

Why isn’t the above possible now?
I’ll be 65 this year.
*Thinking about Grandmother… Rags to Riches
**Said something to me when I was 8-9 yrs old. “What happened to you, you used to be scared of “NOTHING”

I never felt like I was supposed to be. <– What supposed to be? More of introvert than extrovert.
Mom wanted: Phone ringing off hook, popular girl in school…
*Remembered a time to chill in room. To read Bible. Mom said “NO”
Mom a believer? Yes (Hesitation) – After conversation… Mom may have not been believer
Mom left Terry out of “Will”
Mom Died on Birthday to have last word…
*Terry told Betty (mom) that she loves her as Child of God BUT hate her as a mom.

“I am very successful”
“I deserve freedom”
“I am worthy” <—-
“I impact”
“God made me perfect”
“I am the greatest of all time because of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”

What could repair thoughts and feelings around the scenario around mother
*Stop living in the hurt
*Keeping working on me

7 Day Goals:

Write Letter “Dear Mom”
Mirror exercise “Who Am I”
Start to Feel Freedom That I Deserve
Go to Module #1 create a written <—www.SteveKrivda.com/HBSFHub

Consequences of NOT writing letter:
Won’t be able to accomplish God’s Mission

07-17-17 Comp Call

As teenager, a person came to front door…
Studied to become a Nun at one point
Been Married 31 years – 27 of those years…not so good
To God: “Why can’t I find Love?”

Jan – Feb 2017 – Found fire to serve and speak at LTD IX
*Lance couldn’t drive solo anymore.

owe $4500 on car

With Le-vel but not promoting.
Only promoting MLSP at this point.

What would Terry want out of this call
A “Kick in the butt” and put on right track…