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Team DuplicationTeam Duplication

How many times have you found “The One” that’s going to change your business forever? You sit back and wait for the magic to happen, you may even walk away from your computer for the day. You come back, refresh your screen and nothing. They may have even disappeared.

We may even look to start doing some training. Putting on webinars, weekly conferences, calling people to make sure they are okay…Doing everything, except what really needs to be done. Inspiring and motivating your organization to create team duplication, rarely works.

In the video below, I say something that very well, may change the way you work your business forever.

Team Duplication Starts Here

Lisa Grossmann “Duplication is not getting everyone to do what you do…It’s finding someone that’s willing to do what you do?

Pretty cool, right? What an eye opener!

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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14 thoughts on “Create Team Duplication – Grow Your Business

  1. Christian Carpeso

    My question is how do you find those people and how do you present yourself to them if you’re still struggling with your current business? Personally for me I was able to sponsor people but duplicating what I do I still have to come across with that person. What I’m currently doing is just get people into my business.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks Tara, appreciate you

  2. Elizabeth A English

    Awesome Post Steve Thank You for Sharing, Getting your team to duplicate what you are doing isn't easy! Nice Quote. 🙂

  3. PHC-BR

    I agree we can’t sit and wait for the “one” to show up we have to produce so much we’ll create an army of the “one” . Thanks for sharing these strategies Steven.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Right on…gotta keep driving depth

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