Targeting Your Market

How many times have you heard one of your team members tell you that they went through their “Warm Market”?   Probably more times than not. What the typical is, they haven’t talked to the  “Friends and Family” because of the fear for rejection.   As much as I don’t agree with this, it is a reality.

So what is the solution?

You need to create additional friends and expand your warm market? We have Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and now we have Google +.  This makes reaching out to people easier than ever. On Facebook alone, there are over 800,000,000 users. Yes! You saw that correctly, 800 million. It’s insane. Getting in touch with the right people can be tricky but with a little bit of understanding, it’s easy.  There are countless of tools that you can use that will teach you how to do this.

Keeping in mind that your warm market is actually a group of people that you at least know something about, you want to target certain groups. Groups that have common interests are very simple to find with word searches in the above mentioned social networks. This is a touch into the “Law of Attraction”. A tremendous tool that will help you understand this “Law” is MLSP. The biggest earners in our industry have been using this for years and creating quite a success for themselves.

The most basic principal of this is to just “Be Cool” to people. Actually be their friend and not a piece of meat of a dollar sign. When you ask someone to be their friend, actually be sincere. Spam blasting them with your “Biz” will never get the sort of people you want in your business, if you get any at all haha.



If you reach out to people and get to know them, your business will come up subtly.

Here’s the cool thing, you might actually gain a friend. Weird how that works LOL

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Good luck finding new friends,

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Steve Krivda