Talking to Leads with CONFIDENCE

Talking to Leads with CONFIDENCE

This is one that is close to my heart. Back in High School, I was an introvert… I know, can you imagine? I kept to myself most of the time, had no more than 2 friends at a time and loved chillin around the pool and beach. I was quite content with it, at least I thought I was. I graduated High School and decided I had a choice, stay local or join the military. I ended up staying local with community school and joined a karate school. I found out, during this time of studying martial arts, that there was a burning in me to talk to more and more people. Eventually, I became an instructor and took it on as my full time job. I was in front of a bunch of people, all the time…it was cool. I talked to a lot of my students and joked around with them quite a bit but, talking to the people off the street was still a little nerve racking. I always handled conversations with complete confidence and handed them off to the owner/head instructor if I didn’t have the answer.

And then one day, I realized, “Wow, I have become what I wanted to become…an extrovert who isn’t worried about talking to anyone.” I started thinking about what had changed and this is what I came up with.

Talking to Leads with CONFIDENCE

Everyone is the same, it doesn’t matter if you know them or not or even if they are famous. We are all humans. When you are talking to your friends and they ask you a question, you don’t know the answer, what do you do? You tell them that you don’t have the answer but this is where you will be able to find it, right? How about if they react negatively to something you say about your business? You drop it and move on, no big deal, right?

Talking to leads is easy. You have to not care whether or not they sign. I know, it’s a crazy concept but, if you follow that simple thing, you will take off all the pressure. You will be calm, cool and collective. When you are relaxed and not so concerned about what they will say, you will exude confidence stuff you need to remember for the conversation will be fresh. Think of it as talking to one of your friends or family about what you are offering. Want to know how to feel confident?

Talking to Leads with CONFIDENCE

Here it is, think of all the rejections that you can come up with, write them down big enough to see at a glance. And of course have the answers/solutions below them.

This will do two things: ONE – you will feel good going in to the conversation and TWO – you will remember most of what you wrote down, since you read them, recited them and wrote them down. This is a memorization technique.

You see, story about me in the beginning…where I had all this confidence, it’s because I knew where to direct people even if I didn’t have the answers. I realized, I don’t have to know everything, just where to direct people.

Of course, it all comes with practice. Don’t worry about every outcome. Instead concentrate on informing a new friend.

Hope you received the value I am throwing at ya. Leave a comment.

“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

11 thoughts on “Talking to Leads with CONFIDENCE

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  2. Eric Snowden

    Great Article Steve and this is very true. I struggled with this problem as well when I started my business but I’m learning. This Article has great value and I will use this knowledge in the future when talking to leads. Thanks again

  3. Graham Judd

    So true!!! It’s awesome when someone signs up. But those who don’t, you don’t want anyway. They’re the ones who don’t produce and become a negative voice of the company if they do join.

  4. Tim

    Great article,I struggle with this myself,but I am getting better.

  5. Tremayne

    I can relate to this.I have always been an introvert myself.Me being in this industry has put me in a situation where I have to step from out of my comfort zone or else.
    Thanks Steve

    1. admin Post author

      Awesome, Tree
      Heard you are creating some leads. That’s fantastic

  6. Crystal Dunn


    I love this article! I find that it has value and is true. I have decided I am a health and wellness coach whether or not people sign up with Advocare. I happen to be partnered with a nutrition company. I don’t have all the answers but definately know where to direct people. I am using my business to help people feel better. What they do with the information is entirely up to them. It has taken a lot of pressure off me and its come up with interesting leads for my company as well. People value the health information you share when you are a health coach. : ) Steve, keep it coming!!! I learn a lot from you.
    God Bless,
    Crystal D

    1. admin Post author

      That’s awesome Crystal, thank you

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