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Does My Lead System Pro Increase Leads – A look Inside — Is My Lead System Pro Another SCAM

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A look Inside My Lead System Pro

If you have been in network marketing for any amount of time, I am sure you have heard of My Lead System Pro. You thought “hmmm, what is up with this system and why are so many people talking about it” Good question.

I guess, I can answer that with a question or a series of questions. What sets up apart from any other marketer? Meaning, why should someone join YOU in lieu of the other guy/gal? Something that needs to be understood is, people don’t join companies, they join people. You need to be able to provide your people with firsthand knowledge on how to create leads, immediately, while the paint is still fresh. When they ask you questions, you either need to be able to give them the answers, provide them with a training video or point them in the right direction as quick as possible.

So how does My Lead System Pro play into all of this?

There are literally hundreds of hours of training from the top leaders in the Network Marketing industry: From Ray Higdon, Jonathan Budd, Brian Fanale, Michelle Pescosolido, David Wood, etc… Giving all sorts of free training webinars on any subject you can think of.  There’s training on Solo ads, Copy-writing, Facebook PPC, Youtube PPC, Article Marketing, Attraction Marketing and on and on and on.

There’s also a countless amount of products that you can sell as well, keeping a 30% to 50% profit in pocket.

When I say My Lead System Pro provides autoresponders, it’s an understatement. Most autoresponders will give you a couple of cool sentences. MLSP sites will give you a professionally written ad, promising a free training from the top leaders in network marketing. These autoresponders provide high conversions.

With the platinum membership, you will be able to create your own autoresponders, specific to your needs. You can have them point to whatever site you want.

Did I mention the community within My Lead System Pro?

Being around network marketing for several years now and being pitched everything under the sun, I can say this is mostly a pitch free zone. This community was formed from network marketers FOR network marketers. Meaning, we are all here to help each other. You have a problem and we all do. You post it in one of our Facebook groups and you will be inundated with support from the surrounding MLSP members. Putting it lightly.

My Lead System Pro is bad ass.

See For Yourself

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Numis Network and Why I Love This Company

Numis Network and Why I Love This Company

Don’t worry, I am not going to go all cliche on you haha. I am going to give valid reasons and some opinion of course. As some of you may know I have been in a few Home Based Business’ in the past. From juice, to travel, to shopping sites, to host sites, etc… None of them really lasted too long with me. Mostly due to what I would find out once I made it inside the company and past all the hype.

Obviously I was skeptical as I was approached by my buddy in Numis Network. “Oh great, here we go again”

Since I learned my lesson in the past and thought it would be a good idea to do some research instead of taking some dude’s word for it.

I went after the founders first, Ian Cordell, Jake Kevorkian and Chris Kent. These guys have between 15-20 experience each and have made huge 6 figure incomes EACH in their companies. Pretty cool. I figured they knew what they were doing enough. One of the big things I like about the founders – They have the money to back the company. Most companies start on a limited budget and pray for a good first year. As you know, most fizzle out in the first two years.

Okay, next I decided to look at the product. When I started in Numis Network, there was only one coin we had to choose from. That was the 1oz of Pure Silver MS70 Silver American Eagle from the Govt. Mint. I thought, pretty bad ass…the product is money. So, every month I am going to get money instead of the same old stuff. If all else failed and I never made a penny, I would have MONEY LOL! Something I could give to my children, put away for their college funds, their first car or keep collecting over the years and put them towards my retirement. That totally made sense to me.

Now we have hundreds of coins to chose from, ranging from Brand new to over 1,500 years old. We also have gold AND silver coins to chose from. Product gets an A+ from me.

Then came the pay plan of Numis Network. Besides the residual income, we have a Fast Track Collector’s Kit bonus of $100 per person who joins my team. Then your forth person joins your team, you also get $100 matching bonus from every person that joins YOUR forth person through infinity’s teams. Meaning, when someone joins your fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, etc… person’s team, you get a $100 matching bonus. That also for all those people’s first three people, through infinity. AND you get $50 matching bonus on your first three people. I explain it better on my website here http://stevekrivda.com/numisbonusplan

Did I mention that there is a

100% guarantee?!

I actually made a video a while back because I was so excited, at the end there is a SPECIAL GUEST!

Needless to say I have been in Numis Network now for about 2 years now and making some pretty good income from it. Not to mention getting my Govt. Mint MS70 Silver Worldly coins every month. I am going  to go and get some Ice Cream.

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The Right Business Mindset For Success

Business Mindset

This subject is something that is talked about, mostly by instructional DVDs, CDs and Books but not so much on training webinars and by leaders. We tend to focus so much on training to get MORE LEADS, MORE EXPOSURE, MORE PROPECTS/PHONE TIME and other ways to spread your our business’ Worldwide. We totally forget about having the right mind set.

Go for No! Business Mindset.

The Go for NO! Mindset is something that is taught quite a bit. It fits a bit with the examples above but I would like to take it from “Talk to as many people as possible” to understanding what kind of mindset you are teaching yourself. Yes the more No’s you get, the close you are to that elusive “YES”, oh is that true. The mindset to this is to not really care if the person is saying NO to you. They aren’t really telling you No, just your opportunity, nothing personal. Unless they say “No, you stink” LOL. The other part of this is, if you are paying attention to the person talking and remembering what you said, you will be teaching yourself to be a better Network Marketing Speaker. You will hear an objection coming before it happens and divert it. Or if one slips through you will begin to understand where to take it so your prospect will feel comfortable with you and your answer. If you want practice talking to people, I would suggest placing an ad on Craigslist. You’ll get tons of leads, mediocre leads but leads.

Non-Quitting Business Mindset.

We all have those days that drag on and on…we get up late for work, have a crazy day at the office, get behind the slow person on the way home, cranky children at home and so on. It’s easy to put aside our home business with “I’ll do it another night”. Nothing worth having is going to be easy, that’s my first quote LOL. Think about this, wouldn’t your whole day turn around with a few good leads or even a sign-up? Wouldn’t it be cool to end your day on a good note, connecting with someone who wants to work with you? Yea, YOU KNOW IT! That night could be the night you get that leader who takes your business to the next level or even to the top. Set up a routine you can follow on certain nights of the week and put in the time…you will be rewarded.

Success Business Mindset.

Believe it or not, there are people that, deep down inside, don’t know if they could handle success. Think about it, the more people you have on your team, the more of an obligation you are going to have. You have to love what you do. If you are new, you have to get past the “How can I be a leader, I’ve only been doing this for a couple of months” You are recruiting people for a reason, teach it to your team and let them duplicate what you are doing. It’s okay to be successful, don’t let it freak you out about the additional responsibility…before you know it, you will have all the time in the world to spend with your team due to the financial freedom you have.

Not Enough Fast Enough Business Mindset.

Alright, this one is frustrating but I have to bring it up. It’s the “I’ll never make enough money with one person at a time” This is a bit humorous but a mindset we all fall into at one point in our journey or another. You start looking too far down the road at “How many people will it take to get to this monetary point” While that is good to do in the beginning, it isn’t something to dwell on. Build your business one person at a time. Before you know it, you won’t know what to do with yourself. In my primary business, I receive a $100 fast track for ever person that come aboard my team. Doesn’t an extra $100 per week or even a month sound good in the beginning? Those add up to thousands of dollars. Keep your eyes on your daily goals and before you know it, that “Number of people” that you need to quit your job is right in front of you.

As you can see, having the correct Business Mindset is very important for you and your business. I would recommend listening to some of those Mindset audios you have. It will change the way you do business.

All of that being said, having a BAD ASS ATTRACTION MARKETING SYSTEM will about be your insurance for success, click here now for an amazing offer.

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Multiple Streams of Income

Multiple Streams of Income

It’s a phrase used more and more in our society today. It’s true, we need Multiple streams of income in order to survive. The old philosophy of getting a good job and relying on it to keep us afloat is no longer current. Here’s a simple question. Could you use an extra $300-$500 extra a month? I know, it’s a silly question.

Having Multiple streams of income and what it means to you.

Do the math, $400 per month for a year is approx. $4,800 extra per year. Would that give you 2-3 months of your mortgage? Maybe it would be your car payment for the year. How about a week vacation to Cabo San Lucas, airfare included? Network Marketers know how to think outside the box. It’s one of the reasons why they are so optimistic all the time. Most people wouldn’t put any time into something that would generate hundreds of dollars a month because they don’t think it’s worth the effort. How hard do you have to work to make an extra $100 per week? That’s the equivalent to the numbers suggested above.

Okay, that was for the NON-NETWORK MARKETERS.

Multiple streams of income for Network Marketers.

This tends to be confusing for a lot of NMers. Having Multiple streams of income doesn’t mean that you sign up for everything that comes along. That is actually home business suicide and bank account draining. What I am talking about is sticking with your primary company and having accent or affiliate companies to assist you to success. Having multiple Network Marketing companies will take up too much time and show that you don’t have the proper leadership to lead a team. It is very confusing for someone that is joining your team to see you promoting more than one home business. It can throw off a vibe that they have to do the same.

Multiple streams of income with a Primary Company and Affiliate of Assisting companies is where the money is. Take my Primary Company for example. I promote this company using an Attraction Marketing System. Here’s the design of having affiliate programs. With my attraction marketing system, I am able to use it for training for myself, for my team as well as creating an extra stream of income. Pretty cool. Here’s how it works. Through the many ways attracting people to my business, I start talking to someone. (Now, I typically talk to people that are already in network marketing) One way or another, we get around to my Network Marketing Company. They either like it or not. If they do, great…if not, great too. Now I am able to talk to them about my Attraction Marketing System. You see, most people in network marketing are struggling in their company and are looking for something to help them create more leads and create a bigger income. That’s where the affiliate marketing comes in. You can sell that person your marketing tool to help them and to increase your income. Pretty cool right.

Quick breakdown. You approach a Network Marketer with your business, they don’t go with it, you offer then your affiliate marketing tool in order to make money on the back end…Sweet Stuff.

So there, that’s my take on Multiple streams of income. You can create money coming in from all over the place, all you have to know is how to do it.

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Multi Level Marketing Definition

Multi Level Marketing Definition And The Power It Holds.

Multi level marketing definition: A marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

Pretty cool how that works.

Next I want to say that multi level marketing isn’t for everyone. That being said, you most likely do it all the time. You go to a restaurant, like the restaurant, tell someone else who goes to that restaurant, they like it and so on. The only difference is, you aren’t making any money from it. The only thing you are doing is giving that restaurant free advertising. Booo to that.

Enter Multi Level Marketing and Network Marketing. In my opinion, this is one of the most lucrative ways to create an income in the world today. You can be uneducated, fresh out of prison, college grad, doctor, even the President of the United States. Multi Level Marketing doesn’t discriminate, you just need to have the drive to succeed. Everyone is on the same playing field, it’s really awesome.

Now for the Power It Holds. Everyone talks about the “You just have to get 2 people, then help those people get tow and so on”. Again, this is not rocket science and with 8 Billion people on the planet, you can find two people.

Here’s where it gets cool. In my business, I recruited a few people, some quit and some working it. Because of one guy, working his butt off, my income increased. Mind you, I was hanging out at the office working and I received, the “You have earned a commission” email. I thought, “That’s weird, this isn’t one of my pay days”. So I opened it and it was one of my recruits making me money because he is in my downline. That was Monday. Let’s put it this way, so far this week, my guy has put an extra $175 in my pocket. Just from this one person…yes you see that correctly. That doesn’t count any of the other people on my team making me money. Back when I though Multi Level Marketing and Network Marketing was a scam, I would have never believed it but, being an entrepreneur, I figured I would give it a go. That was years ago and I will say that “It is definitely helping to pay the bills” LOL.

What would an extra $175 do for you this week?

Multi Level Marketing Definition The Power It Holds.

Definition to me?  It’s a part time job I can do from home or where ever I feel like. In fact, it’s better than a part time job or any job to be said. In fact, I am writing this from my home office. Pretty Cool Right?

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