Success in network marketing

Success in network marketing

There are thousands and thousands of people that are have success in network marketing. You aren’t – so what’s the problem? Success is a task that many, many people are reaching for. So, why do so many people give up before they reach success?

There are quite a few reason and I will touch on a few here. There are some people that won’t like what I am about to say but, that’s life, LOL.

Success in network marketing

Taken. This isn’t necessarily the new network marketer’s fault. They were most likely told how easy it is to succeed. That’s rough and can be a quick end to someone’s dream. It will most likely create a bitter person that will be added to the group angry nay sayers. On the other hand, we can’t blame others for the paths that we chose.

Talking. People have this idea that they will recruit every person that they talk to. As this is a great goal, it just doesn’t happen. Even the million dollar a month earners don’t get those sorts of results. I believe in optimism but you have to understand that network marketing isn’t for everyone and that is okay. Ask everyone, if they tell you “no” that’s okay, make sure you follow up with “That’s cool, if you know of anyone that may be interested let me know”. Thinking that everyone will join just because you think it is awesome, is setting you up for disappointment.

Set realistic goals. This is very important, especially for the new person. Goals like, I will be a “Superstar” in 6 months is a great goal but unobtainable for the majority of the people on this Earth. Here is a tip I can give you. Start you goals off like this…go for 10 “No’s” a day. Meaning, ask 10 people or talk to 10 people a day about your opportunity and expect a “No”. Here’s the cool thing, for every “No” you get, you will be one step closer to those “Yes’s”. All the while, you are getting better and better at talking to people and even though you are being told “No” your confidence in talking with people will increase. (See the next success tip)

Get in touch. Touch base with the leaders of your company. I don’t care who they are, how successful they are or how much money they are making. They will help you. They know that their success is dependent on your success. As you are on your way to talking to 10 people a day, tap into what the leaders are saying to their prospects. Ask them if you can do some one on one calls with them or listen in on a 3 way. You will learn priceless information.

Something you want. When you get into a network marketing company, it is a good idea to have a product that you really want each month. There’s nothing worse than paying for something that you don’t want.

Success in network marketing

It’s time. You need to make the decision that you are willing to do what it takes to succeed. The “I don’t have time” “It’s hard” “I don’t know anybody” waa waa waa, just doesn’t cut it. You look at the leaders in this industry. Look at where they came from, most didn’t make the decision to start kicking ass until their back was against the wall and they didn’t have a choice. Most people aren’t in that position. Most are working a home business as a “Hope” of making extra money. That is not the right attitude. You have to know that you will succeed.

Success in network marketing is not impossible. You have to make the decision to work hard for 24 months and know that work will pay off. Go all in. Quit wading in the kiddie pool and make the commitment for you and your family. Imagine where you can be in 2 short years, kissing your boss goodbye, waking up and hanging with the kids, going to the beach, going fishing, going skiing / snow boarding, chillin at the park OR WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT. Pretty bad ass stuff, right?

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Steve Krivda