Stumbling Blocks To Success – A Good Thing?

Stumbling Blocks To SuccessStumbling Blocks To Success

Could it possibly be a good thing that there are stumbling blocks on our way to success? I heard for a long time from some pretty smart people that when you are on your road to greatness, you will run into resistance. Do you agree with that?

I’m sure we can come collectively call “BullPoo” on that. Or at least it’s a “Good Thought” that resistance would decrease with the more knowledge we obtain. In fact the bigger we go, the more knowledge we obtain and farther we push ourselves, the more resistance we run into.

Right! Now you know. Honestly, knowing about resistance is a huge part of the battle to greatness. The other part of it is in the audio below. I actually talk about some insanity from last week and how it all panned out. 

Stumbling Blocks – Bah Humbug
Stumbling Block







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“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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