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So, as Mother’s Day is coming up, it brings up some memories of my Mom and how cool she was. It also reminds me how devastated I would be around these sorts of holidays after she had passed away. I am so grateful that I am free to chose how I feel on those days now. 

Have you ever attached an emotion to an object, a time or a date? If so, this post may be a little over the edge…stick with me and you’ll see what my good friend Priscilla McMillan said this:
“Hey Steven C. Krivda, Thanks for an awesome call. This was my first and definitely not my last. The call was a great reminder that we have a choice in what we attach emotion to. Taking ownership of our feelings and choosing the ones that serve us in a positive manner definitely makes a difference. So grateful for you. You Rock…”

Below is the call that I put on this morning. I believe you’ll dig it. 

Your Success

Pretty cool, yea. I told you it was over the top. I would love to hear what you have to say, talk to me below.
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