Steve Janssen

07-03-17 Break Through Session

Currently a risk analyst for BJ’s wholesale club – 2.5 years
(Basically given this job)
Was told by boss, if step up – get raise

Citizen’s Bank – 2 years here as sub, 2 years as employee
Cancer that halted from this employment
Father passed at 24yrs old – Very close
**Adopted at birth** – Feel like is real son?
Member of Gambler’s Anonymous
Married at 40 (married from pregnancy)
Lost step-son to cancer – 8 years ago
Been living paycheck to paycheck

Found out (3 months ago) biological parents passed
**Send letter to bio bro, about self, etc… 2 months ago

2 kids – Step daughter at 22 and daughter 14
**Matt (son who died) would have been 28

Most when younger (kid)
Rifleman / Rifle Team… Rated as expert by NRA. Received trophies
Private school – ranked 28-230
Eagle Scout. Also, active in scouts with Matt
Hutchinson’s Award – Excellence in marketing
Deputy Grand Knight
Gambler’s Anon. Took major role. Became rep. Running events. (huge challenge)
Falls Into Most Jobs

“Not the smartest but willing to put in time/effort”

What is it that Steve Janssen Wants?
Just enough to get a little more in the bank
Experience More Life!!
*Go on more cruises
**Just sit and do nothing
“I’m Just Tired”
$5,000 per month (pay off dept, college money, etc…)

Is the above possible for SJ?
I have my doubts. If it were 3-4 years ago, I could do it.
*Why above reference? NM was new to me. Good friends of mine had introduced him (trustworthy people). Had belief. Was excited.  <– Didn’t give 100% here

100%? what does that look like?
1-2 hrs at night. Showing the Deal- 4-5x’s per week. 8-10 Phone/In Person

What would it cost Steve if none of the above came to fruition?
Marriage? House?
I failed
Lose Hope
Fear of failing

Limiting beliefs:
Never played full out
Afraid of doing it wrong
I’m Not Good Enough –  Replace this with “I’m capable” “I am worthy” “I am smart”
“I am Confident” “I am successful” “I am the leadership” 

Worth Issues

What does Significance mean to Steve: To Live! Feels as if just existing…
Creating something
Doesn’t feel like much going on in life

What is real?


Feedback to Steve K from session… reply to email

Repeat every night, minimum of one time prior to going to bed
“I’m capable” “I am worthy” “I am smart”
“I am Confident” “I am successful” “I am the leadership”

Password (cap sensitive): HBSF
Handwritten Vision and get back to Steve K

Break the Habit of Being Yourself – Dr Joe Dispenza

Letter To Matt – Next Session