Social Media – A Residual Prospecting Tool

social media marketingSocial Media Prospecting

Someone said that prospecting on social media was dead. I completely disagree with that. So, if you have been having a difficult time getting results, maybe struggling for people to take you serious about your business or even getting someone to reply to your message, this post is for you. 

You are being judged by everything that you do, ya might not like it but that’s the way it is. When you walk into a social setting, you are being looked up and down and it’s not different than being on your favorite social media platform. 

The question is, what do you do about it? 

In the video below, I outline some pretty simple but serious points to take into consideration if you’re looking to build your online presence.

Social Media Prospecting

Following this will bring your presence out whether you like it or not. Your brand is created from who we are, why not take control of it? Now you can. 

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