Social Media Prospecting With No Time

Social Media Prospecting With No Time
Social Media Prospecting With No Time


If you’re like most, time is a commodity that you’re not excited about letting go. I get the resistance that is brought about when looking to learn a new social media prospecting strategy. That being said, you’re looking into social media for a reason. Maybe it’s from burning out your warm market, you moved to a new area or you’re looking to broaden your reach for your business.

Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t make time appear out of thin air.

Learning a new skill is going to take time, it just it what it is. How long it takes is going to be upon your uptake of knowledge. Where we can save time is the strategy. Being a person that has gone through most strategies, I’ve found that Instagram is quick and easy to follow.

What most people feel Instagram is: Bunch of people posting selfies and pictures of food. To be honest, a percentage is. There are several different ways you can target your market and generate leads on Instagram.

First… What’s your product, service or opportunity and who does it serve? Once you understand who you are talking to, you are now able to use Hashtags and look to star following people that would be interested in your product.
Example: Health and Fitness would find those who would follow fitness gurus. Lead Generation might want to follow Ray Higdon. Travelers would follow the Travel Channel. By following those examples, you can find your ideal person and follow them. Engage with them and they will follow you back. This is about creating relationships. As the person begins to know you, like you and trust you…they’ll go to your Bio and turn into a lead for you.

Now that you have who you are going to talk to, now it’s time for posting in your account. In the Video Below, I give a step by step process you can follow to start generating leads with Instagram.

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Pretty simple process that anyone can follow. Speaking of following, be sure to visit me on Instagram at

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6 thoughts on “Social Media Prospecting With No Time

  1. Alex Bender

    Cheers for this buddy,
    I haven’t really played much with Instagram, I’ve sort of had a look at it & I have lots of mates crushing it with Instagram, I may need to take some more notice of it.
    You’re awesome buddy.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Right on bro!! you Rock

  2. Kenny Santos

    This is gold! Everyone’s excuse is that they don’t have time. But if you can just focus for a short period of time, you can start some success and create some momentum.

  3. Carol Makowski

    Instagram is not all that difficult and is relatively easy to utilize. As we know — people build their businesses on it. Thanks Steve.

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