Simple Way To Increase Website Traffic Using Instagram

Website TrafficIncrease Website Traffic
With Instagram

So many ways to get more eyeballs on your content, whether it’s videos, articles, blog posts or whatever.
You can create an ad on Facebook or Twitter and promote it.
You can join a syndication group and get some organic views that way but, that really won’t generate a lead.

What you’re looking for is a fresh set of eyes on YOUR content with the possibility of generating a lead, yes?

In the video below, I share two incredibly simple ways to get your content out there on Instagram.

Increase Website Traffic

I told you it was easy, heck even I can do it LOL
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Steve Krivda

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10 thoughts on “Simple Way To Increase Website Traffic Using Instagram

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      HaHa, Instagram is fun

  1. Israel Lacomba

    Hi Steve,

    I love this tip. Its so simple. It is easy to loose perspective on how simple it can be.

    Thanks Bro!


  2. Anna

    Instalove! great tactics, cant wait to implement them. what would you say be a good ratio between inspirational, personal (as in, places you go, events you attend, etc), and business content?

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